Top 20 Adult Jokes Hidden In Children’s Cartoons

When you were a kid, there were a lot of things you didn’t understand when you watched cartoons. Already, we have missed images of ass in Disney films which were however not very subtle. There are also drug references in the cartoons because you won’t tell me that Bud from the Space Goofs isn’t constantly stoned. And then of course, there are the creepy Disney metaphors like bullying, child trafficking and other super fun stuff. Luckily, there are also jokes that are just created so that adults can have fun watching cartoons with their children. A second viewing is in order!

1. Power Girls

In this episode of the Powerpuff Girls, Bulle explains to the little neighbor that the teacher made the three children by accident. Robin, the neighbor replies “Don’t worry professor, I was an accident too”. Family meals should be rich in discussion.

2. Batman

In an episode of Batman, Harley Quinn tries to win over the Joker by stepping out of a cream-smeared birthday cake. She sings “Happy Birthday” in a sensual voice, like Marilyn Monroe on Kennedy’s birthday in 1962. A bit borderline for a series for children and for the image of women.

3. Freakazoid

In an episode of Freakazoid, Officer Groover explains that the reason he’s not married is because he loves meat too much. Freakazoid replies that he can get married and still love meat. Wouldn’t that be a very creepy metaphor for adultery? I believe so.

4. Batman

In Batman, Hawkgirl responds to Flash “You’re awfully fast and this last one” adds “The fastest of all”. Hawkgirl then tells him “Maybe that’s why you can’t pecho” (Jungle language translation). It shoots live ammunition as we said in the 2000s.

5. Dexter’s Laboratory

But what are Dexter and Dee Dee’s parents doing body to body on the floor? And why when the wife says “Honey, I don’t think it’s going to pass”, her husband answers “Just a little more honey”? But no, they are playing Twister hahahahaha excellent.

6. SpongeBob SquarePants

In this episode, Spongebob Squarepants (I love literal translations) watches TV intently and where an anemone sways. Considering the way Bob reacts and changes the channel quickly when Garry approaches, this was not a simple animal documentary.

7. Hey Arnold!

In the episode, the old man (no respect) tells Arnold that he’s always dreamed of having a high school diploma. Arnold replies that he can go back to school but his grandfather replies that he lost too many neurons in Woodstock. We wonder how… (Spoiler: THE DRUG).

8. Johnny Bravo

In this episode of Johnny Bravo, the woman whose name I forgot plays tail of the donkey with children. She says “It’s been so long since I was blindfolded… Oh no, not so long actually” and goes on with a mischievous laugh (relative to sex lol).

9. SpongeBob SquarePants

Sometimes just saying the word “weiner” is enough to make the crowds laugh (it’s “teub” in English for non-bilinguals).

10. The Meal Scene – Kuzco

The meal scene at the start of the Kuzco movie is a goldmine of jokes kids don’t get. Already, we are witnessing the supreme uneasiness of having nothing to say to someone and of telling banalities: “He seems… nice. He’s what, barely 30 years old? “. Of course, after that, Kuzco talks about the dismissal of Izma and the facilities of the public sector that the private sector does not have and this small talk is incredible: “It may be quite difficult for a person of your age of s adjusting to life in the private sector. »

11. Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc. is my favorite cartoon of all time and Bob Razowski’s lines are just amazing. During Sulli’s practice, Bob shouts “Twins, bunk beds!” and Sulli screams while doing squats (that’s enough to make me laugh). We can also mention La Fouine and his famous “Ah if I had my jitters at tools! and the “Make her there, make her there, make her there…….. She be there!” by Bob.

We don’t find this joke in the VF but in the VO, Mike and Sulli present Boo to Mr. Waternoose by saying “She’s my cousin’s sister’s daughter. Yes, it’s ‘Bring a member of your extended family to work’ day.

12. Monsters, Inc. (again)

When I was a child, there is a scene that I did not understand at all in this film, that of the abominable snowman. When the two accomplices are expelled from Monstropolis and find themselves in the human world, the snow monster welcomes them with yellow snowballs in cones. When Bob hesitates, the abominable says to him “Ah nah nah nah you can go there it’s lemon! “. But of course, lemon…

13. Frozen

When Anna arrives at Elsa to introduce her to Hans and announce their marriage, Elsa replies: “You don’t marry a man you barely know, what do you know about the great love Anna? “. And bim, big tackle in the throat for Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel and Aurora. It would be a question of thinking before marrying the first prince to come.

14. Hercules

It’s just one hidden detail of Hercules among others, but this one is particularly funny. When Pain and Panic turn into children to trick Hercules, one of them shouts “Someone call the xvii” (17 in Roman numerals).


During the song “I’m Flying” from the Disney movie Aladdin, the character finds himself in a room with women who begin to dance around him. When they understand that he has no money, they reject him since they are sex workers in a brothel.

16. Ratatouille

When Linguini tries to explain to Colette the situation of his friend Rémi, he says “I have a very small… very small…” tightening his thumb and index finger. Colette looks at him strangely and we understand better why now.

17. Ratatouille (again)

When Linguini goes to hide in the reserve to scold Rémi, he finds himself face to face with Chief Skinner who says to him: “But what are you doing here? “. Linguini responds with this somewhat strange sentence: “I am getting a little familiar with vegetables”. Skinner looks shocked and says “No familiarity with vegetables in my restaurant!” “. I understand, I prefer that the vegetables I eat have not been in contact with any human interior.

18. The Incredibles

When Sydrome arrives at the Parr’s, he explains to the babysitter that he is there to replace her. The young woman asks why he has a big “S” on his suit and he replies that it’s for “Sitter” and that he preferred not to write “BS” for obvious reasons. I didn’t understand why when I was a kid, really it’s because it’s the initials of “BullShit”.

19. The Incredibles (again)

Here is a little hidden scene that few people have seen. When you look closely at the newspaper headlines, you can see that one of the superheroes was using his laser vision power for voyeurism. Good atmosphere.

20. Beauty and the Beast

The Beast falls in love with Belle and asks the clock on legs what he could do for her. The latter replies “Oh there are the classics: Flowers, chocolates, promises that we don’t intend to keep…”. It makes you want.

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