Top 20 Ads Stars Would Like To Forget, But We Don’t

Anonymity, on the Internet as elsewhere, is a real problem. Take for example these young people, unaware of the consequences of their actions, who agree to shoot in any pub for a few tickets without realizing that this contract, harmless as long as they are unknown to the general public, will follow them all their life, even after consecration and fame. Internet forgets nothing, and especially not the faces of toddlers of recognized actors who earned their first salaries by selling bullshit. The proof :

2. Leonardo di Caprio for Kraft Cheese (1991)

For a few years, Leo has been playing the same way all the time. However, we have known since Gilbert Grape that he is a great actor, but by dint of hanging out with Scorsese, he made us forget the extent of his acting palette. A little reminder with this ad, in which the young actor gives everything.

3. Jack Black for Pitfall on the Atari 2600 (1982)

Jack Black has always done too much, it is confirmed with this spot from 1982 which oversells the game Pitfall on Atari. but that’s also why we love it.

4. Keanu Reeves for Kellogg’s (1987)

That’s Keanu’s problem, he can’t say no. Suddenly, when we look for a moment in the actor’s career when he was expressive, we will surely remember this moment when he greedily swallows a spoonful of cornflakes, this breakfast full of pleasure and, let’s say it, of sensuality, was well worth an Oscar.

5. Kyan Khojandi for Norauto

This spot has turned out well since the consecration of Bref, but we rediscover it with happiness each time. We thus discover that the “professionals” who advise us at Norauto, Carglass and company are in fact actors! Are these clubs so ashamed of their employees to ask an actor to look uncomfortable in front of the camera, just to reinforce the illusion. Now that Kyan has made a name for himself, we know that Norauto has been lying to us all this time.

6. Patrick Bruel for Topset

Patrick Bruel was not cut out for a career in France, a country where it’s hard to take people who do too many things seriously. Established comedian, successful singer, popular composer, poker champion and therefore, cereal bar salesman. To do so many jobs without being challenged, only Jackie Chan had done it so far. And Bernard Tapie, a little, too.

7. Bryan Cranston for Preparation H

If the actor of Breaking Bad seems at ease to evoke the problems of hemorrhoids, we must not forget that he was a George Clooney before the hour, extolling the virtues of a good coffee Coffe Mate, what else?

8. Aaron Paul for Juicy Fruit

Now that you’ve watched all of Breaking Bad, you’re not sure you’d give your kids Juicy Fruit when they saw Aaron Paul’s face in front of a spoon that he soon cooked in the Zippo.

9. Morgan Freeman for Black cigarettes

Before looking like Nelson Mandela, Morgan Freeman looked like Jimi Hendrix and sold black cigs, to smoke like an activist. Say no to white cigarettes, Stay black, stay strong!

10. Sarah Michelle Gellar for Burger King

The proof that Burger King is not too fat, or that the muses of the chain do not really eat the products for which they advertise, it is the slim waist of Sarah Michelle Gellar, always in great shape to knock down vampires after many Whoopers in the cornet.

11. Gad Elmaleh for LCL (2014)

We thought we had hit rock bottom with Patrick Bosso and Point S. But we can always dig a little more visibly…

12. Patrick Dewaere for Flodor (1973)

It’s official, so we can sell chips with a mustache.

13. Patrick Bruel (him again) for the Collective de la photo (1982)

Patrick, 23 but looks 14, is happily married and makes jokes to his wife. A fiction then.

14. Clémentine Célarié for Baucknetcht (1984)

“I have two loves, my husband and Baucknetcht”. The poor man’s Josephine Baker.

15. Virginie Ledoyen for Raviolis Buitoni (1987)

Already a startlet in CP. We don’t redo each other.

16. Carla Bruni for Philips (1989)

You can be balanced and talk to your washing machine. And also undress if he asks us.

17. Vanessa Demouy for Flodor (1990)

Definitely the start of a great career.

18. Barbara Schultz and Ludivine Sagnier – Precious Water (1991)

We will at least have learned that Ludivine Sagnier had skin problems. A myth crumbles.

19. Laurent Deutsch for Yop (1997)

The Yop years have done us a lot of harm.

20. Max Boublil for Crunch (1999)

Being an actor is a profession and Max Boublil shows it to us every day.

21. (Bonus) Jason Isaacs for Bordeaux Chesnel

Lucius Malfoy will never be the same again.

Top 20 Ads Stars Would Like To Forget But We

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