Top 20 actors who are the most naked in their films, naked as worms

When one is an actor, it happens that one reveals his paraphernalia in front of the camera. It’s not mandatory, but you can clearly see that there has been some abuse (as women are slightly more impacted by on-screen nudity). The Bingosites site thus had fun calculating the number of seconds of nudity spent on screen in the filmography of the actors (who are not porn actors otherwise because otherwise it would be cheating).

Editor’s note, this analysis was carried out on American quarries. There is no doubt that if we made the same classification with French actors and actresses, the duration of nudity would skyrocket.

The most walp chicks

1. Eva Green: 1730 seconds

We are on a maxi best-of more mega nude. It’s been almost half an hour of woualpé. To this we can add that Eva Green appears naked in 26.3% of her films. In itself, nothing too crazy apart from the fact that she has a twin sister who actually appears on the screen in full frontal despite herself.

His best scene at woualp: in 300: Birth of an Empireas she threatens Themistocle, with a gun and bare breasts.

2. Helen Mirren: 1496 seconds

Indeed the actress said she wanted to stop scenes at woualp at the age of 70 because it was starting to do well. We thank her, however, for this beautiful work accomplished in the nudity.

His best scene at woualp: in caligula by Tinto Brass (1979).

Top 20 actors who are the most naked in their films, naked as worms
Photo credits (CC BY 2.0): Dick Thomas Johnson from Tokyo, Japan

3. Angelina Jolie: 1459 seconds

Here is another beautiful display of epidermis that we find in 34.2% of his films. Each time it bothers me personally because I have 98% of my physique that looks like him so somewhere I feel really exposed.

His best scene at woualp: in Anatomy of a supermodelshe was then 23 years old and played the model Gia Garangi, who suffered from AIDS in the late 80s.

4. Juno Temple: 1391 seconds

23 minutes of unshaved buttocks, breasts and pubis (Juno passion). Thus 29.7% of his films are concerned with nude scenes. It’s more than in my career as an editor at Topito.

His best scene at woualp: in Kaboomwhen she guides her guy to have a best-of maxi orgasm.

5. Nicole Kidman: 1284 seconds

Although she is not really considered a super sex symbol of the cinema, the actress has nevertheless accumulated many scenes of woualpitude, starting with paperboy in 2012 of course, but also Eyes Wide Shut a little longer ago. Apart from these two films, it’s a bit of a waste.

His best scene at woualp: when she pees in Eyes Wide Shut.

6. Penelope Cruz: 1171 seconds

At the same time, naked or not, Penelope Cruz is undoubtedly the actress who seduces the most humans, men, women, man and woman, all combined.

His best scene at woualp: in Vicky Christina Barcelona when she paints in topless overalls.

7. Charlize Theron: 1004

Big existential question: does it take into account the Dior ad when it dives into a pool of molten gold? Also, do not reproduce this at home because plunging his body into molten gold may cause serious burns.

His best scene at woualp: in bra in Monster. Yeah, we didn’t say it was the scene in which she was the sexiest, what did you imagine?

8. Rosanna Arquette: 975 seconds

Obviously we can’t forget his ass scenes in the film Crash of Cronenberg where the love of the couple is to fuck next to car accidents… giving rise to the worst sex scenes in cinema.

His best scene at woualp: in the sex scene of Big Blue with Jean-Marc Barr when they play salmon tartare underwater.

9. Helen Hunt: 886 seconds

Again, when you type “Helen Hunt + naked scene” on Google image, there is stuff.

His best scene at woualp: in The Water Dance to learn how to have sex with a disabled person.

10. Alicia Vikander: 866 seconds

Even crazier is that the actress appeared naked in more than a third of her films (38.1% to be precise).

His best scene at woualp: in Ex Machina because it’s a robot and we like to see naked toasters.

Most walp guys

11. Ewan McGregor: 1103 seconds

And there we have our best sex man on the web. Must say that with a filmography based on Trainspotting, Incendiary or Young Adam, there is something to eat. That said, we remain well below the average for on-screen nudity among girls.

His best scene at woualp: in Trainspotting with Kelly McDonald.

12. Antonio Banderas: 1055 seconds

Do you remember this stupid valve that we proudly said every time we talked about the actor: “Banderas, Banderas not?” » ? Nope ? is it just me?

His best scene at woualp: the one with Angelina Jolie in Original sin to revisit the positions of the kama-sutra. For the rest, the film did not remain etched in the annals.

13. Mark Ruffalo: 811 seconds

Must say that he even offered to appear naked in the next part of avengers if Hillary Clinton became president in 2016. Well, it’s a shame because I don’t know if you noticed but it didn’t really happen.

His best scene at woualp: with Julianne More in All is well, the kids are alright!. And I don’t want to say but already at this stage of the top, we notice that the naked scenes of the men are almost systematically linked to sex scenes unlike the girls.

14. Sylvester Stallone: ​​735 seconds

So according to our main source it’s 735 seconds, but according to another Allociné source, this duration would increase to 1117 seconds but because they extended to all shirtless scenes.

His best scene at woualp: OK well I’m cheating but obviously we can’t miss it The Italian Stallionporn film from the 70s in which Stallone, then unknown, distinguished himself in his first role, thus being one of the well-known actors who worked in porn.

15. Colin Farrell: 728 seconds

Barely 12 minutes, frankly not enough to pass three legs to a duck. And no, I’m not referring to a sexual position.

His best scene at woualp: in alexander to learn more about sex in ancient Macedonia.

16. Matthew McConaughey: 725 seconds

If we often talk about her nude in Serenity, the actor claims, however, to have no memory of it. CHELOU.

His best scene at woualp: in the movie Gold and frankly the scene is not glamorous. And without sex. For once !

Top 20 actors who are the most naked in their films, naked as worms
Top 20 actors who are the most naked in their films, naked as worms

17. Zac Efron: 723 seconds

It’s not for nothing that we had proposed an analysis of the best abs of Zac Efron.

His best scene at woualp: in a geometrically dubious position on the toilet in Singles… or almost!

18. Christian Bale: 703 seconds

The only naked guy with a chainsaw in the whole history of movies (cf. American Psychosure).

His best scene at woualp: in Metrolandbecause it reveals a pubic tuft worthy of 70s porn.

19. Leonardo DiCaprio: 663 seconds

He’s come a long way about nudity since the handprint against the steamy window in the Titanic.

His best scene at woualp: in The wolf of Wall Street with a candle in the buttocks.

20. Daniel Craig: 643 seconds

10 minutes of nudity in all his filmography, I would almost say that we are on the small player.

His best scene at woualp: a nice full frontal bathtub in the movie Love is the Devil.

Top 20 actors who are the most naked in their films, naked as worms
Photo credits (CC BY 2.0): from Hamburg, Germany

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