Top 20 abbreviations that we can no longer hear, it has to stop

We live in a world that moves fast, very fast, so we have no time to waste. As we are always in a hurry, we sigh very loudly when people walk slowly on the sidewalk, we eat a Maxi Best Of menu in three minutes seven seconds and we use a lot of abbreviations. In truth, it’s not going much faster but we don’t even know how to do otherwise, it has become so outdated to say the words in full.

1. “It’s my favorite”

There are words that we accept in writing but which have the same effect as an arrow in the heart when someone pronounces them for real. For me, someone who says “it’s my favorite” can’t be more than 13 years old and if you say it in front of me, I will treat you like a child until the end of your days.

2. “I have my tup”

What could be more unbearable than someone who says “tup” to talk about an airtight box of a brand that cannot be named? I think I place these people just above those who say “bowl” on the scale of insufferable people.

3. “Evidam’s!”

Here is a small abbreviation to which we added an S to make it absolutely detestable: “évidam’s”. It’s ugly, it’s silly and it makes you want to die as soon as you say it.

4. “I go to the bakery”

The word “boulange” has become quite democratized, but it is nonetheless bizarre. Without us realizing it, this diminutive could gradually replace the full word and we will end up looking at you strangely when you say “bakery”.

5. “Yeah askip”

Whether we like it or not, “askip” is now part of the French language and it is not ready to disappear. At the same time, it’s so much easier to say than “it seems”. Well, we could say “apparently” but it’s less fun.

6. “Shall we have lunch?”

The diminutive “dej” can possibly be accepted, it is used well to say “breakfast”. On the other hand, we know immediately that we are dealing with an asshole when the sentence begins with “we are done”. It means nothing ” get done a lunch at last!

7. “Whatever”

BE IT! You have to add EN SOIT at the end, otherwise it means absolutely nothing damn! People who say “whatever” are the same as those who say “I say that…” or even “in this case…” without adding anything afterwards. It should be punishable by law.

8. “It’s incr!”

It is quite rare to use “incr” in speech but it is very popular in writing. It is a diminutive of “incredible” and it is quite likely that it was popularized by rappers Caballero and JeanJass, also inventors of the word “incroyal”.

9. “I came home at 4 dum”

If you’ve never heard the expression “4 dum”, it’s normal and it doesn’t mean that you are old. About 0.007% of people use this abbreviation of “4am” which is obviously declinable with all hours.

10. “Without dec?”

“Sans dec’” has been part of the language of young people for at least 50 years and has been passed down from generation to generation. Renaud said it in the 80s, the children of the 2000s said it all their childhood and today’s teenagers still say it. Maybe this apocope will never die.

11. “I’m OBDR”

Some acronyms are more difficult to decipher than others and OBDR (or “au BDR”) is one of them. It simply means “at the end of the line” and can be used in writing as well as orally. Honestly, I find it pretty, almost poetic.

12. “I’m in GDB”

The “GDB” is an acronym that is now part of everyday language and no one can take it away from us. For those who don’t know and are too lazy to do a Google search, “GDB” means “hangover”.

Top 20 abbreviations that we can no longer hear, it has to stop

13. “Do you have any feedback on the propal?”

There are plenty of asshole words that you only hear in Bordeaux start-ups or Parisian com boxes and “propal” is obviously one of them. Unfortunately, “propal” has crept into the common vocabulary without our realizing it and we can’t really get rid of it.

14. “You’re insup!”

“Unbearable” is a word that we use excessively but we must admit that it is a bit long. So, someone decided to shorten it by saying “insup” and unfortunately, it was this abbreviation that became unbearable.

15. “Nah but the hallu what”

Who knows why, the expression “l’hallu” has imposed itself for a few years to speak of a completely improbable situation. Not to be confused with “aluminum” which is used to wrap leftover food in the fridge, for example.

16. “Do you want a coffee?”

There are redneck expressions that are hard to separate and “caf” is one of them. What’s the point of shortening a word that only has four letters? What was wrong with coffee? And again, there are people who do worse by saying “do you want a ‘little coffee’? “. Kill me.

Top 20 abbreviations that we can no longer hear, it has to stop

17. “What the hell are you?”

Well, there, it’s really intense laziness. As with “caf” instead of coffee, all that’s missing here is a tiny sound for the word to return to its original form. I hear that “what are you saying”, it’s long but what’s the point of removing the I?

18. “That’s my fav”

Just like “it’s my favorite”, the expression “it’s my fav” is often pronounced by very young or very silly people. If you’re over 16, please don’t say things like that.

19. “I don’t see the diff”

We don’t even realize that we shorten certain words and “difference” is one of them. At first, we just used it on Google or by messages and as we go, we end up saying it without realizing it. It doesn’t matter, you have to accept it.

20. “Nah, I haven’t really determined it”

Determination is a nice word but it is far too long; this is why there is an expression of young people, “deter”. It can be a noun (example: I don’t have it determined”) or an adjective (example: I’m too determined!”). Practical and simple as hell.

Top 20 abbreviations that we can no longer hear, it has to stop
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