Top 19 worst middle names in history

Some parents like to give their children shitty names, but most stay reasonable so that their offspring grow up without being bullied at school. Only, on the second name, the parents tend to let go a little more because, anyway, everyone doesn’t care about the second name. That’s why we asked you to drop us your fancy middle names on Facebook and Twitter just to make fun of your misfortune. But with kindness. We are good people.

1. Clementine’s middle name:

“Cherry and my first name is Clémentine, to believe that my parents had a desire for fruit”

Topito’s opinion : It’s okay, you escaped Watermelon, Tomato and Papaya. Cherry in comparison it’s pretty cool.

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2. Wendy’s middle name:

“Robertson, I’m half Scottish and that’s my grandmother’s last name, I had it as a 3rd name”

Topito’s opinion : As long as you are not forced to wear a kilt and play the bagpipes, it is not considered parental abuse. Everything is fine.

3. Odile’s middle name:

“My middle name is Incarnacion, my grandmother’s first name”

Topito’s opinion : It changes “Yvette” and “Jacqueline” for sure.

4. Nina’s son’s middle name:

“Under the effect of the epidural and morphine I let my son’s father give him Gohan as a middle name… yes yes, like SanGohan from DBZ… Drugs are really bad!! »

Topito’s opinion : You couldn’t find better prevention against drugs. Or promotion, it depends on taste.

5. Cycy’s middle name:

“A compound middle name that does not exist: Ève-Anne. I have no explanation, and neither does my mother. »

Topito’s opinion : We neither. Sometimes it may be best to leave your mystery to the universe.

6. Sham’s middle name:

Topito’s opinion : Half cereal brand, half Greek tragedy.

7. Murielle’s middle name:

“André, although I am a girl. But hey, it’s my godfather’s first name. »

Topito’s opinion : We are now opening a psychological cell for all people with a second name that has not been given for 1 century.

8. Anthony’s daughter’s middle name:

“My daughter has a second name Metallica”

Topito’s opinion : Luckily you weren’t a fan of Belarusian metal band Eximperituserqethhzebibsiptugakkathsulweliarzaxulum. Yes yes it really exists.

9. Sullivan’s middle name:

“Stevenson for me. And no, I have no origin from an English-speaking country. Pure delirium of my mother. »

Topito’s opinion : In your place, we would have invented a very stylish story based on a spy grandfather for the Queen of England. But do as you want.

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10. Anais’ middle name:

Bernadette-Yvonne. You can’t wait to be at my wedding and hear the mayor ask my future husband if he wants to take Bernadette-Yvonne as a wife”

Topito’s opinion : Spoiler: he will answer no.

11. Antonella’s middle name:

“Umbertina…but the 3rd is even worse! »

Topito’s opinion : You can’t tell us that and not let go, it’s mean. Nevertheless, we are ready to bet that the third also ends in “a”.

12. Cah’s middle name:

“Marcelle. Don’t judge me. »

Topito’s opinion : Too late.

13. Arthur’s middle name:

“Domick. I don’t really know if it’s because “NI” is missing”

Topito’s opinion : The guy from Civil Status was a bit in a hurry the day you were born.

14. Gwen’s middle name:

“Wendy… yes yes for Peter Pan, chosen by my brother who was 9 years old”

Topito’s opinion : Barely born, he had already decided to ruin your life. It’s beautiful family.

Top 19 worst middle names in history


Topito’s opinion : Fans of The Lord of the Rings therefore manage to find love and conceive children.

16. Marine’s middle name:

“My 2nd first name is France. Kind my name is Marine France. Can we do more pro FN than that? »

Topito’s opinion : Apart from Jean-Marie, it’s hard to do worse.

17. Orlane’s middle name:

“Cornel. It’s actually my third, and I don’t know where it came from. »

Topito’s opinion : It comes from the file “first names which do not exist and which should never have existed. ” Sorry.

18. Blandine’s middle name:

“Noëlle, because I was born on December 24”

Topito’s opinion : Happy you.

19. Elsa’s first names:

“I don’t have a 2nd or a 3rd but 7!! Yes my parents cracked! »

Topito’s opinion : They confused the birth form with their wedding table plan maybe.

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