Top 19 things we learned way too late, it’s worrying

We like to ask your opinion on a whole bunch of stuff: it’s funny, and you often teach us crazy things. So, this week, we asked you another question about Twitter and Facebook: what’s the trick you learned recently when everyone knew it? Well we were not disappointed.

1. @Celia_Air’s windy reveal

Our opinion : And the people who live in “Vent des”, did they know that?

2. @ThoLOIRE1’s animal revelation

Our opinion : At the same time we understand, the male and the female do not look alike at all, it is disturbing. By the way, did you know that we call it sexual dimorphism?

3. @laurant_outang’s tiny reveal

Our opinion : It’s hard to make fun of it’s so cute minimeter.

4. The aqueous revelation of @Folken_fr

Our opinion : We will be lenient with you and not make fun of you too much.

5. @MarionKerlo’s vegetable revelation

Our opinion : But how did you want it to come out???!!

6. @lauryn_chrp’s bold reveal

Our opinion : It’s not Michel’s butter either, we say so just in case.

7. The spicy revelation of Massii Massii (on Facebook)

“I learned that peppers grow above and not underground! I was appalled. »

Our opinion : At least they don’t grow in water, we were pretty sure of that.

8. Vinie Vlondie’s Singing Revelation (on Facebook)

“For a few years I have been singing “Mother Michel” to my son, recently looking at a book of nursery rhymes I noticed in awe that it was “It is the Father, would you have believed it, who answered him” and not the “Father Lustucru” (like pasta). »

Our opinion : Well, maybe we’ll surprise you again by telling you that La Mère Michel is about ass.

9. Laurène’s sports revelation (on Facebook)

“That the brand says FILA that it’s an A and not an S for SON”

Our opinion : At the same time this logo is way too misleading, what did the guys have in mind?

10. Seb’s pictorial revelation (on Facebook)

“That when we say of someone ‘he is cute to eat’, we are referring to the fact that we can make a sketch of him in a drawing. And not that it can be eaten…”

Our opinion : Well, we just learned something. At the same time it was strange all these people who wanted to eat children.

11. Sarah Helena’s innocent revelation (on Facebook)

“I said to be the beast at sleep when it’s the beast with TWO BACKS”

Our opinion : At worst we can say that once we have finished making the beast with two backs we make the beast at bedtime?

Top 19 things we learned way too late, it's worrying

12. Manon’s revelation in weightlessness (on Facebook)

“When I learned that in Calogéro’s music he said ‘She tells me which floor and her voice makes me leave the mainland’ when I understood ‘She tells me she is old'”

Our opinion : Yes, otherwise it becomes a song for gerontophiles.

13. Fanny’s feline revelation (on Facebook)

“That a panther and a leopard are the same thing. deeply shocked by this discovery…”

Our opinion : Suddenly, we can say “black leopard”, even if it is less stylish than black panther. And the snow panther is not the snow panther.

14. Nanie’s dress reveal (on Facebook)



15. Mickael’s sweet revelation (on Facebook)

“Cane sugar does not come from Cannes, but obviously from sugar cane. I had integrated that little and I had never questioned it “

Our opinion : He deserves a cane. Or Cannes.

Top 19 things we learned way too late, it's worrying

16. Lydia’s Youth Revelation (on Facebook)

“I learned quite late that children “in basage” were in fact “in infancy”. And I thought ‘basing’ meant ‘that lays all over the floor in the living room'”

Our opinion : Oh yeah… it’s good to have an imagination, but don’t overdo it.

17. Melanie’s musical revelation (on Facebook)

“That it was “Stéphan Eicher” and not “Stéphan et Cher” telling me that we didn’t hear much Cher in the songs”

Our opinion : Stéphane still refused to pass the microphone to Cher, this bastard.

Top 19 things we learned way too late, it's worrying

18. Vesna’s artistic revelation (on Facebook)

“The discovery does not date from today, but I believed for a long time that it was Paul Naref, before learning that it was Michel Polnareff…”

Our opinion : If it is, his name was really Michel-Paul Naref and people were just writing his name wrong so he gave up.

19. Guillaume’s make-up revelation (on Facebook)

“Behind the jars of cosmetic products they always put “12M”, “24M”… I thought that meant that the capacity of the tube allowed it to be spread over 12 meters”

Our opinion : No, but it’s a shame because there was the beginning of an idea…

Top 19 things we learned way too late, it's worrying

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