Top 19 people who completely abuse (we call them c***)

If one day at the bac Philo you were asked “what is audacity? and you didn’t know what to answer, you had to show them the people in this top. People who abuse, who make big moves of assholes and who deserve, overall, to take slaps on the part of society. Welcome to the land of people who believe the Earth is theirs.

1. Yes of course

“I’m eating at the crowded restaurant below my house. A pretty young girl just asked me if I could hurry up and finish my meal because her friend is coming in 15 minutes and they want to take my place. So I’m not going to move all day. »

2. Well done Karen

“The kids at the school where I work started calling me ‘Karen’ and making fun of me because of my fancy hairstyle. Can I do anything legally to make them stop? I feel offended. »

“Well, posting a question about suing 8-year-olds is probably the wrong way to combat this stereotype”

3. She uses sliced ​​bread bags to protect her knees while she browses the shelves.

4. Very human

“Don’t bother calling them for takeout. They put you on hold and never call you back. »

“Sorry for your bad experience. The waiter taking your order had a seizure while he had you on the phone. When you came to take your order and it wasn’t ready, even though there was an ambulance outside the restaurant and we were with the medical staff, we still offered to complete your order. I am sorry that you refused and preferred to complain on the Internet. »

5. The survey is final

“I went on a date with a guy and he just paid his way because I brought two friends back to me. Some men have no heart. »

“You all blame me, it’s unfair. A nice guy would have paid the bill and politely told me after the date. It’s the best thing to do instead of acting so immature. Some men like dates with friends and some don’t. So next time I will always ask before bringing my friends. »

“Men, do you like to date with your friends? »

Result: Yes: 6% / No: 94%

6. Apparently it’s normal to behave like this in stores.

7. My god, he has acute Spanishitis.

” Hello. My son is one of your elocution students. He came back speaking Spanish, which I find surprisingly inappropriate. My son is American and has spoken English all his life. I appreciate your encouragement and the patience you have with him but don’t confuse him with your Spanish words, he knows the language of his country very well. Thanks. »

“I thought it would be fun to teach my students to say ‘Hello, my name is’ in Spanish”

8. She changes her baby on a pile of clothes in a store. OKLM

9. Nice big dart technique

_ Hi, is the chair still available?

_ Yes, it is still available, come and pick it up whenever you want.

_ Cool, hey can I have it for free for my son who is sick? I have to pay her medical bills and everything so can I have her for free please

_ I don’t think you can get it for free. I need money right now. If you have to pay medical bills, I don’t recommend buying a $150 chair. I think your son is more important than your chair.

_ Bitch shut up you don’t know I need to sit down give me the chair. I will fucking kill you.

10. Audacity, that’s it

‘Mother complains it’s too hot in police car after she was arrested for leaving her child in a car in the sun’

11. What a horror to have a mother like that

“My grandchildren are still in the ovaries of my selfish daughter”

12. It’s so amazing it’s amazing

“This woman brought her own bell to the restaurant to get the waiter’s attention. »

13. Should have warned him before anyway

“My boyfriend no longer has confidence because I slept with another guy at the hotel without informing him. I did this because it was too sticky, plus we’re not married so technically I’m single. Why is he actually crying? »

14. Should he give her his car or what?

“Delivery Girl Leaves Furious With Customer’s Meal Because He Tipped Her $8”

15. The zebra is exactly what no one cares about

The gray car prevents the occupants of the red car from using the wheelchair ramp.

16. Isn’t this the very principle of a “closure”??

“My husband and I have been customers here for years but we are going to another location now. They literally close the doors in front of your nose if you arrive 2 minutes after closing. »

17. Plus Terry Crews is a cream

“I think the scariest thing that happened yesterday at Night of Horror was when Terry Crews curtly said ‘Um no’ to me when I asked him for a picture”

Terry Crews: “No, the scariest thing I saw was you HUSHING MY CHILDREN LIKE A ZOMBIE to come and ask me for a picture”

18. What, you don’t do that?

19. And this cat who stole his master’s place in the bed

It doesn’t happen too much.

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