Top 19 of the funniest sentences said by Americans to foreigners, it’s not…

Americans don’t do anything like anyone else and the concept of foreigner is quite vague for some of them who haven’t had the opportunity to stick their noses out from their navels. Be warned, not all Americans are this bratty, don’t take these quotes as a cross section of the American population but just as signs that some are totally grounded and it would almost be funny if it wasn’t slightly sad.

These quotes were translated from this Bored panda article.

1. “Do you have color television in Germany?”

At the same time, when we invented Derrick, the question is legitimate it seems to me.

Top 19 of the funniest sentences said by americans to foreigners, it's not...

2. “An American once told me I had to try the real ‘Gouda’ they have in the States because the rest was fake Gouda. I’m Dutch and I lived near the town of Gouda…”

But guys stick with your industrial cheese slices for burgers after a while.

3. There are slaps that get lost

“I’m English, and I was traveling in the United States when I met a guy in a bar who advised me to try Guiness while I was there, stating that there was no Guiness in the United Kingdom -United. I politely explained to him that we had Guiness in absolutely all of our pubs. He disagreed, adding that admittedly he had never been to the UK himself but his son-in-law had gone to London and told him. I told him that I had lived in London all my life. He looked at me blankly, then concluded “They don’t have any Guiness there” before leaving. »

4. “An American asked me what it was like to have an accent. He felt that he had no accent himself and that his language was the default”

A blow for the American accent which has just realized that it exists.

5. “- Wait but do you also have Ikea? – I’m Swedish”

The stupid thing suddenly.

Top 19 of the funniest sentences said by americans to foreigners, it's not...

6. “I was asked if I could speak African…”

Ah Africa, this beautiful country.

7. “With an Austrian friend, some Americans told us about this incredible thing they call fireworks over there and why we absolutely had to go see one for once in our lives”

Everyone has fireworks. And it sucks everywhere.

8. “I was asked if France was part of the UK. When I tried to explain what the UK was, I was told that anyway England no longer does. part of the UK since Brexit”

This mug will certainly be very useful to him:

9. “Although I’m British, I’ve been asked if I’m celebrating Independence Day”

How to tell them?

10. “How can Canadians get free health care with insurance? Why would doctors work for free? It’s slavery!”

So cool in the States to be run over by a car and not be able to get treatment because you have shitty insurance.

11. “Is England in London?”


12. “Do you always travel on horseback to travel in Europe?”

OK personally I don’t have the license so I don’t know if it’s true or not, I prefer not to commit.

13. “I love the African-American culture here!” pronounced in Cape Town, South Africa.


14. “Are your parents Democrats or Republicans?” so how to say, we have other parties

Well, what’s the point…

15. “A middle-aged American was very surprised to find that the city of Venice was so old, he thought it was built in the 20th century for tourists.”

No, on the other hand it has been literally destroyed by tourists since the 20th century, that’s true.

17. “You can’t come from a country where they don’t speak English, you’re white!”

Pfiouuulala, it’s complicated.

18. “But why didn’t they bypass the Berlin Wall?”


19. “Europe is communist”

If only…

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