Top 19 of the best tweets on the diary, hello dear diary

Whether you were a teenager in the 2000s or in another decade, chances are that like 85% of the population, you had a small notebook with a padlock to write down your college adventures (and therefore that you have did one of the things we’ve all done with our diary, don’t lie). To remember this beautiful period when we wrote the name of our crush on all the pages, here are the best tweets on the subject. Let’s all open our hearts.

1. A worthwhile battle

2. Best period

3. We were naive back then

5. Weird, really….

6. It’s shameful

8. Nah I’m not crying, it’s dust

9. Tempting a bit

11. Stop it right now

13. Not drama queen at all

14. WHY?

15. Today, Louise bully me again at the office…

16. We really like the idea

17. Change of mother

18. Not creepy at all…

Anyone who opens this journal uninvited will be doomed to eat its weight in camembert wrappers.

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