Top 19 of the best tweets about morning routines, these little morning habits

The morning routine, for those who do not come from Gen Z, is both the small steps we take to have bastard skin, but also the program we do when getting up to make the most of our time. and have a healthy life. For example, my morning routine is to eat a Kinder Bueno while doing a clay mask at 7 a.m., then do 500 elbow push-ups with moisturizer at 8 a.m. and finally, do 30 minutes of meditation leaving apply a vitamin D serum at 9 a.m. If you don’t have a morning routine yet, here are some tweets to help you create your own. Who’s going to have champion form after this? It’s you, at least I think.

1. The Parisians of the 11th arrondissement relate

2. “I asked 300 super-productive people what their morning routine was like, and you’d never believe they all inherited a family fortune.”

3. Listen, everyone is productive as they can, okay?

4. Capitalism never sleeps snif

6. Usually, I’m not a jealous girl, but here

7. She doesn’t try too hard

8. Morning Dilemmas

9. I set an alarm twenty minutes later

10. Want to choke on my popcorn

11. You deserve an annual pass for this work of art

12. I can’t tell if I find her cute or terrifying

13. Don’t go crazy like that

14. They are afraid to hydrate their toxic masculinity.

15. It’s funny how it immediately makes you want to go back to bed

16. And then have a nice day

17. “With products that we all have in our fridges, you’ll see, it’s super easy”

18. Uh, you mean if we stopped watching a new episode every time until the end of the night?

19. So many steps that guarantee radiant skin for sure

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