Top 19 jobs of stars before fame, there is a life before fame

While some stars were wealthy before they became famous, others struggled before becoming famous. They had real jobs, sometimes cool, sometimes frankly not phew, and most of these jobs had absolutely nothing to do with their current career. This top will therefore allow you to keep hope for the future, even if today you are dragging your feet by going to point to work. Who knows, maybe tomorrow you’ll be top of the bill too. Come on, it costs nothing to believe it.

1. Hugh Jackman was a clown

Can you imagine having your birthday party at 8 years old, and it’s Ryan Reynolds’ friend who comes to juggle and inflate balloons in front of you? He has come a long way anyway Wolverine.

2. Johnny Depp was a pen salesman

Today, Depp is a little shunned in movies, but he was Hollywood’s biggest star for quite a few years, so it’s hard to imagine he was anything other than an actor. in his life. However, before shining in front of the cameras, Johnny Depp sold ballpoint pens by telephone. We’ve seen sexier.

3. Bill Murray sold chestnuts

Visualize this scene: you come out of the subway, one winter afternoon, and there you hear someone shouting “HOT HOT CHESTNUT”. You turn around, attracted by this powerful voice, and come face to face with Bill Murray, the star of ghostbusters. No, it’s hard to believe.

Top 19 jobs of stars before fame, there is a life before fame
Photo credits (CC BY 2.0): Paul Sherwood from Welland & Toronto, Canada

4. Pierce Brosnan was a fire eater

Before Hugh Jackman the clown, it was the most famous of the James Bonds who took a tour of the circus arts. The guy was breathing fire, like a dragon, but without the scales.

Top 19 jobs of stars before fame, there is a life before fame

5. Kim Kardashian was a stylist for Paris Hilton

Well, okay, Kim K. was not born in the most extreme poverty, but she still worked in the shadows before becoming the most famous influencer in the world. And her job was to dress the most famous influencer before her, who was none other than Paris Hilton. Fate is crazy anyway.

6. Meghan Markle was a calligrapher

Before marrying a Prince, Meghan was an actress. Well, everyone knows that. But before being an actress, Meghan was a calligraphy teacher. She taught people to write well by writing pretty letters. We’re not sure what it’s for, but it’s handy for signing official documents without looking like a pig.

7. Bob Sinclar was a tennis teacher at Club Med.

Before making us move our little butts on the dancefloor, the long-haired DJ handled the racket in holiday clubs. We understand better why Martin Solveig made him play in the clip of Hellohe had this role in his blood.

8. Jean Dujardin was a locksmith

He worked in his father’s business when he was young. Almost as stylish on a CV as an “Oscar-winning actor”.

Top 19 jobs of stars before fame, there is a life before fame
Picture credits: Shutterstock

9. Harrison Ford was a carpenter

The guy led his peaceful little life until he came to do work at Georges Lucas and the director offered him a nice little role in a film about war and stars. One life, one destiny.

10. Julia Roberts was a pizza seller.

“Hello, is the 4 cheeses good for you? So there you go, I put my signature on your pizza box, keep it safe, it could be useful to you one day. »

11. Evangeline Lilly was a flight attendant.

And apparently she hated it, as she revealed in an interview. At the same time, given that his plane broke up in Lostwe understand that she is not a fan of things that fly.

12. Guillaume Canet was a jockey

He was a rider and was destined for a great career, but he fell, got injured, and had to revise his plans. But hey, it’s fine, there’s a worse plan B. And then Guigui still continues to ride at a high level, so he must be happy in his life. Finally we imagine it.

13. Steve Carell was a postman

It makes us want to receive lots of mail if it’s the future humor genius who comes to fill our mailbox (in all honor, of course).

14. Christopher Walken was a lion tamer

Come on, let’s go back to the circus with the one who played the mean millionaire in Batman: The Challenge. At 16, he entered the cage with the big cats, and then he chose a career a little less risky. We congratulate him for that.

15. George Clooney was a shoe salesman.

How great it must be to ask George to get you a pair in 45 in the reserve before changing your mind because you remember that you wear 42.

16. Sean Connery was a milkman

Do you prefer to drink your James Bond whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed?

17. Tom Cruise was a newsboy

“Your mission if you accept it will be to sell 50 copies of the Courrier Picard before the end of the day. That’s it that’s all. This message will not self-destruct because we don’t have the budget. »

18. Jason Statham was a professional diver

And we’re not talking about the guy who does the dishes in the restaurants huh, we’re talking about a real diver who jumps into the water with grace and bliss. And he had extra hair.

19. Brad Pitt was a sandwich man

We end on the worst job of the top: Brad Pitt distributed flyers disguised as a chicken. IN CHICKEN. It’s not lol. Professional retraining level, we are close to perfection there.

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