Top 19 insults in Italian, to change “vaffanculo”

If you are looking for what to do in Italy you will find a lot of information on THE essential THINGS to do there. On the other hand, there is not a lot of information on sweet words to know, even though that is also the local culture. You already know the insults in Spanish, the insults in German and that’s very good but you’re not going to Spain this year so it’s useless. Don’t stop there and continue your escapade in the south by going to visit your cousins ​​the ritals. You have so many things to tell each other.

1. Cazzo

Literally: dick

Context: You were chatting quietly at the coffee machine while tossing your cawa. Distracted, you just fucked half of it on the shirt. “And dick, my new tie. Do you have a handkerchief? »

2. Minchia

Literally: acorn

Context: So you just made yourself a coffee again. You sit down at your desk, take a sip, and spill half of it on your files. “But glaaaand it’s not possible what’s wrong with me this morning”


Literally: Southerner

Context: Southern Italian is directly synonymous with big provincial, and therefore redneck. You can also use “torrone di merda” or poop nougat. It’s not just Parisians who have a problem with the rest of their country.

4. Polentoni Fascist

Literally: Fascist polenta eaters

Context: That’s all the southern Italians have found to respond to the insults of their northern compatriots.

5. Che cavolo

Literally: What a cabbage

Background: Your child’s room is a nameless brothel, you even found a kiri sandwich under his pillow, but he’s still too young for you to allow yourself to be openly vulgar in front of him.

6. Che pale

Literally: What beautiful roubignolles

Background: It’s okay, your kid is of legal age to find out you’re fucking vulgar.

7. Porca puttana troia

Literally: Name of a whore of a slut

Context: You were already a little in a hurry, a little stressed, a little venerable, and in your haste you just smashed your toe against the leg of your metal table.

8. Me ne frego

Literally: I don’t care

Context: Your neighbor Micheline has been holding your leg for half an hour to explain to you that it’s not easy for her at the moment because her cat has diarrhea. You don’t dare but you really want to tell him that you don’t care.

9. Figlio di buona donna

Literally: Son of a good wife

Context: We suspect it, but it is difficult to understand the shortcut made between “good woman” and “bitch”. Anyway.

10. Rompiscatole

Literally: Box breakers

Context: Less aggressive than the traditional Rompicoglioni (Ball Buster) but its translation was a little less international and conventional, so we preferred it.

11. Finocchio

Literally: Fennel

Context: You wear a slightly low-cut pink tank top, and since your friend Jean-Marc is jealous of your visible biceps, he makes fun of it. “Eeeh what is this marcel de Fenouil? If in addition to that we see your pecs he could insist by calling you frou-frou (Frocio).

12. Pezzo di merda

Literally: Pieces of shit

Context: You were about to get on the subway when a madman just ejected you from the train with a well-meaning blow of the shoulder, leaving you alone and distraught on the platform. And not happy.

13. Cesso

Literally: latrines

Context: You thought you made the right choice by offering a garden gnome to your mother-in-law. You just heard him call it a latrine, now you know it’s not.

14. Rimorchiare

Literally: Campervan

Context: Tonight I’m going to a club camping-carrer de la zouz offering them drinks, I’m crossing my fingers that it works.

15. Sciupafemmine

Literally: Compulsive user of women

Context: ultimately a more honest version than our theatrical Don Juan.

16. Scopare

Literally: Sweep

Background: I took Kevin home last night, we swept all night, it was crazy.

17. Ma quante seghe mentali che ti fai

Literally: But how you mentally masturbate!

Contete: That’s all you found to help your friend Jackie who just read you all of his princess’s text messages giving you his personal interpretation of each comma to know whether or not he should answer her right away or in three minutes.

18. Troia

Literally: should be written Troya, and therefore mean Troy

Context: Who knows why, the Italians seem to hold a grudge against Hélène (the girl from ancient Greece) who made a real mess of things by choosing her lover from the opposing camp, because, since then, Troy means whore.

19. Vaccona

Literally: Big cow

Context: I’m freaking out a little because I heard that his ex Cindy was a big cow in bed, I don’t know if I’ll hold the comparison.

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