Top 19 honest testimonials from people who grew up in the 80s, another era

Do you know Twitter? It’s crazy this website: everyone can write what they want, even idiots and fdp. We didn’t have that in the 80s… In the 80s the world was different. Not better. No less well. Different. But without Internet, so less good all the same. In any case, we can talk about it today on Twitter, by duty of memory. This is what people have done, so we share their moving testimonies.

2. Quality Mother’s Day gifts

“We made clay ashtrays as Mother’s Day gifts…whether moms smoke or not! »

3. Simplicity above all

“A television with 4 channels”

4. Communication was not easy

“I was using a payphone that was outside the school gymnasium to call my parents to drive me home after practice. But I called and rushed to say “come get me” and hung up before I was billed. »

5. Not afraid of tetanus

“We had steel play equipment”

6. Oh, that was always done in the 2000s

“Teachers regularly threw objects at students’ heads”

7. It smelled like tobacco everywhere

“You could smoke in hospitals when I was a kid, if the patient was on O2 they would just disconnect him and walk him down the hall to the ‘smoking’ lounge!! I think the only place you couldn’t smoke was inside a church. Grocery stores too, everywhere. »

8. Road safety wasn’t quite that

“Child car seats that hung just above the front seat. Hang on, kid! »

For that, the children of the 90s are survivors too.

9. Shouldn’t have been too worried when you were a parent

“During the first years of school, I went on long trips in the countryside with my dog, on weekends or sometimes after school. No surveillance, route planning, cell phones, etc. I would simply announce that I was heading for the forests and the mountains, then returning home after dark. Usually. »

10. Health was optional

“I remember in eighth grade, a guy brought in a little medicine bottle that had silver mercury in it that he got by breaking a thermometer. He poured it into his hand, then we rolled it in our palms, laughing at how it looked. »

11. Parenting principles were a little bit different.

“My high school principal had problems with some belligerent students. One morning, one of them insulted him. The vice principal locked himself and the student in a room and they got into a fight. The principal won. The student was never a problem again. THIS would NEVER happen now. ”

12. It Was Fire

“McDonald’s had huge playgrounds.

My brother and I had our kindergarten birthday party in the early 80’s and were even allowed to come behind the counter to learn how to make ice cream for the rest of the kids. »

13. Medicine was pretty fun

“Alcohol was part of many remedies. Teething, stomach ache, sore throat, cough. If the cough was really bad, we would take codeine and it was sold without a prescription. »

14. Parental love was…different.

“I have the impression that our parents forgot us in places. Like, often. »

15. Road safety? Not know

“No seat belts. No baby seats in cars. We drank alcohol and drove without a legal limit or a breathalyzer. »

16. HIV? Don’t know either

“We were vaccinated in the 70s at school with a gun that used the same needle on everyone. It was called ped-o-jet. It could do up to 1,000 people per hour”

17. Passive smoking did not exist

“When my first daughter was born in 1983, I heard her cry during the night in the hospital. So…I ventured out of the room to find her. Not here. I walked over to the nurses’ station where they were trying to calm her down during their break… their cigarette break. »

18. The identity card was not compulsory

“Buying beer to take home to my dad when I was 10. »

19. It looked cool the old Netflix

“Netflix used to mail DVDs in little paper envelopes! My dad rented them from the website and I looked forward to them waiting for them to arrive and then sending them back when we were done. »

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