Top 19 expressions that we hate but use anyway

And hop, we asked you again for your testimonials on Facebook and Twitter. This time, we wanted to know what expressions you use when you know they suck, because we know very well that we can’t help saying certain things when we hate them the most deep within us. Here are your answers darlings. We can say that there are a lot of very annoying formulas here.

1. Let’s go my kiki

The poignant story of Pouic Pouic (on Facebook): ” It left my Kiki !! “. I even took it out to the inspector when I passed my license at the time. I still wonder today what she thought of me at that time.

Our opinion : She gave you your license to never see you again.

2. Serious

Interesting explanation from Essa Thaw (on Facebook): “Serious” (my response when I don’t know what to say to someone or just because I don’t care)

Our opinion : Severe.

3. Like a Monday

Our opinion : But suddenly it’s good or not to feel like a Monday?

4. Suddenly

Olivier’s moving testimony (on Facebook): “Suddenly” and “in fact”, the introductions of sentences of my students. Insupportable.

Our opinion : Sorry Olivier, the “sudden” it’s surely our fault, we keep using this expression.

5. It’s the pompom

Our opinion : We also recommend the variant “it’s the pompom on the Garonne” even if we never understood why it was said.

6. Wholesale

Our opinion : the worst is that afterwards you send 15 voice notes of one minute each to tell your story.

7. I say that, I say nothing

Our opinion : and everyone wants to answer you “BAH THEN SAY ANYTHING!!! “, you know.

8. See you on the bus

Florine’s horrifying revelation (on Facebook): “see you later on the bus, see you later on the bus, see you soon on the boat…” and at first it was only the first sentence… It’s getting worse and worse.

Our opinion : See you in the OUIBUS, see you later in the Blablacar, see you soon in the… Heetch? (we couldn’t find the rhyme sorry)

9. Health, but not feet!

Virg’s embarrassing sentence (on Facebook): Health, but not feet, huh… Yes, I’m ashamed

Our opinion : And you’re right to be ashamed… But at least you should enjoy the top expressions of rednecks.

10. Bah

Our opinion : Well it’s not that serious, even if it gives a little condescending air.

11. Askip

Our opinion : At the same time it is a considerable saving of time. All those seconds saved from not writing “so it seems” you could use them to do great things.

12. Unless I am mistaken

Our opinion : It’s still fine, as long as you don’t use it for anything and everything, like: “Unless I’m mistaken, I made spaghetti Bolognese for lunch”. That would be stupid.

13. Ta dead sa chakal

Frederic’s annoying expression (on Facebook): “Ta dead sa chakal I want to slap myself”

Our opinion : Yes we have to stop, it’s so 2019.

14. At Worst

Our opinion : We think of Guillermo Guiz who says “au pirrrre” very well

15. Brother

The stunning revelation of Didier (on Facebook): “I don’t have time brother” when in real life I don’t do anything

Our opinion : That deserves prison.

16. Phew

Stéphanie’s forbidden words (on Facebook): “De phew” it feeds me but it’s been so anchored in my language for 15 years that I can’t stop

Our opinion : A thing of phew phew, a thing of or-or-phew (if you have the ref, you are part of the elite).

17. You got it

Our opinion : The preferred expression of telephone operators.

18. Fashionable

Our opinion : It reminds us of when we took selfies in middle school and posted it on our Skyblog with a caption “in bg mode”. There you go.

19. Fuck his mother on the Canebière

Laura’s musical expression (on Facebook): “Let’s say that since I discovered ‘fuck his mother on the Canebière’, it has become my shameful phrase”

Our opinion : This expression should be used only when you are in an organized gang.

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