Top 18 Worst Ways to Return Copies, When Respect Is Dead

Receiving a grade is one of the best and worst times in a student’s life. It’s that little thrill of adrenaline that makes life more exciting. Don’t pretend it’s sometimes as exciting as a message sent to your crush. We hate and we love. Some teachers love to establish their domination over their young audience to the point of setting up techniques as fallacious as they are perverse to make you experience the roller coaster. We decipher the tricks of these waiting geniuses.

1. In ascending order

The humiliation is immediate but at least no false hopes.

Top 18 worst ways to return copies, when respect is dead

2. In descending order

Just to highlight the best and put monstrous pressure on the last. Stop the diktat of classification.

3. By commenting on each copy

“Very well Angelique, your development on Phèdre’s tension at the announcement of her love for Hippolyte is very interesting. »

“Thomas Hippolyte is not a seahorse. »

Top 18 worst ways to return copies, when respect is dead

4. By pretending about the note

“Bravo Camille you have 16… minus 10”


5. When there are no grades but only appreciations

Are they told that the students are incapable of gauging themselves and do not care about the result without a note to evaluate it?

6. When the teacher announces the grades out loud because she doesn’t have the papers

You patiently wait your turn and try to guess your grade based on the others. Frankly you may be surprised but often it’s not.

Top 18 worst ways to return copies, when respect is dead
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7. When the teacher announces the grades out loud because she doesn’t have the copies but she asks each student if they want to know their grade in front of everyone

It’s horrible because if you say no everyone knows you screwed up, in itself it happens, but here it’s worse because you don’t assume.

8. By announcing at the beginning of the course that the marks will be at the end of the course so as not to disturb the class

Lol when you’re only going to think about that all the time.

9. By making the correction before returning the copies

Too boring because you have to follow everything since you don’t know where you went wrong. So you decide not to follow anything.

Top 18 worst ways to return copies, when respect is dead

10. When your mother is the teacher and she publicly humiliates you despite your relationship

One would expect a little benevolence from this person who gave you life, but no. It is precisely because you are her child that she can afford anything. You won’t even be able to complain about it when you come home in the evening. The loose.

11. By putting the papers on a table, leaving the students on their own to fight to be the first to know their mark

The teacher is total balek and has understood that returning copies is a lot of time wasted for nothing. She considers her students as animals, her class as a jungle and lets wildlife take over.

12. By asking everyone for an estimate of their mark

“Ah you thought you had 12 Julie, hmm it’s a multiple of 4, but not the right one”

“8? »



13. When you cheated and the teacher flaunts you in front of everyone citing you as a bad example

He could have some empathy, we’ve all cheated before. He could take you aside and teach you a lesson, give you an hour of glue, but no, he decides to do worse: ruin your reputation by giving you a soap worthy of a night in police custody.

14. When once the copy has been returned, an automatic email is sent to your parents to let them know your grade

What is their national education project? Stemming the good mood at home?

15. When a shrink’s number slipped into your copy

Whereas your inventive story about a teenager who gives birth to a giant badminton ball was full of poetry.

16. By classifying by religious affiliation, origin or hair color

Not sure that the civic education teacher approves, well the history teacher.

17. On contemporary music

The music is more agonizing than the announcement of your note.

18. Asking you to applaud the first and quarter the last

Slightly creepy.

Hopefully you can get your revenge on the anonymous report cards at the end of the year. We cross fingers.

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