Top 18 worst inventions of the modern world, when progress is not progress at all

Living in 2022 has a lot of advantages (apart from all the pandemic aspect, OK), we have general anesthesia for fibroscopies, we can make stories on Instagram, and know where the cops are on the road thanks to Waze. But don’t be fooled by these flourishes of the modern world. A lot of inventions have been ruining our lives for 20, 30 years. We list them here because if I listed them on my fridge, you would be much less likely to read them.

1. Pop-ups

It’s not even us, it’s its inventor himself who says it: Ethan Zuckerman. He claims that his initial intentions in the 90s were good, and that he regrets that it has become an untimely intrusive object in our lives, which makes him one of the inventors who regretted their invention.

2. Fake fat

And the fake-mage of course. I have nothing against vegans and even less against vegetarians, but all this panoply of false tricks to make believe that we eat meat when we don’t eat meat, and the puns that go with it , it goes to the sorting bin.

3. The new iPhones that come out every year and cost a minimum wage

While a good landline phone ultimately…

4. People who say “Covid-19” as if we had always said it that way

You will burn in hell.

5. The Fiat Multipla

Even if we believe intimately that the Fiat Multipla is the best of cars, the rest of the planet has clearly ganged up on this car with questionable design. Sorry Fiatou (yeah that’s what I call it), you got the wrong era… You were certainly too ahead of your time…

6. Google Glass

So much the worst invention that it hasn’t even been on sale.

7. Food scanning apps that show you 99% of your food is shit

OK OK OK I’ll go register in an AMAP that’s vaaaaaaa.

8. Auto-tune in all songs

Very committed against this invention, I have already explained to you the reasons which motivate my choice here.

9. Spam

Especially when you open your spam box that you hadn’t opened for a year and you discover that the company you were applying for had confirmed that you were well hired on a permanent contract for a salary of 17 thousand euros Of time.

10. Sites that ask you to disable AdBlock because otherwise they can’t get money

By the way, you thought about disabling AdBlock, I hope to read this top?

11. Capsule coffee

Another inventor who plays not the proudest: John Sylvan, inventor of the coffee capsule. The initial idea was above all to have good coffee at hand. Nice. But compared to the fact that it costs an arm, it is also the worst ecological scandal of all time. John Sylvan, who was at the head of the Keurig coffee company, sold more than 9 billion capsules in the world in 2014 (put together, enough to go around the Earth ten times). In short, a fairly high carbon footprint.

12. Capsule tea

But guys, we already had the tea bag, what’s your delirium with the capsules?

13. QR codes

And the restaurants that give you their menu only on QR codes: you won’t take it to Paradise.

14. Bluetooth interference

When you want to connect to the speaker but your boyfriend or your girl also wants to connect and we don’t know who is the first to connect but it’s a female dog.

15. GPS for cats

Big bad for people who invest in this technology and who discover that their cat is dealing hash while they are at work.

16. Voice recognition on your phone


17. GIFS (and people who pronounce “guiffe”)

It was funny at first the gifs, and then it became an obsession calibrated to 3 seconds. I like gifs more. Besides, there are no gifs in this top. You just have to imagine them in your head.

18. Numbered seats at the cinema

Frankly, who had this idea, it’s super annoying! Before, we sat quietly where there was room, now you have old ladies who are very upset when you are in their place when there are only two of you in the room. One day I will take revenge.

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