Top 18 Ways to Brush Your Teeth and What They Mean About You

Hi my caps, today we are talking about dental hygiene because we are never safe from stinky breath or cavities or loosening. Brushing your teeth is a gesture that we repeat daily and that says a lot about our personality. Our behaviorists provide you with their most elaborate analysis on this intense subject.

1. Sociopaths who manage to brush their teeth without ever looking in the mirror

In my eyes you are half-gods half-demons.

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2. The jerks who don’t give a damn and drool over it

Their mouth looks like it’s trench warfare, kinda want to hit you with that uncharismatic wash.

3. The docile who never stop below the three minutes recommended by the Ministry of Health

Hey but are you sheep or what? 30 seconds is enough. OK I have more teeth, but that has nothing to do with it.

4. The victims who lose eight liters of blood by scratching their gums with each wash

Extreme brushers will not hesitate to butcher their gums with the obvious aim of drawing attention to themselves because they suffer from the lack of consideration of their mother during childhood. Here, I hope I have saved you a session at the shrink, kisses.

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6. Punks brushing their teeth in the shower

As much as pissing in the shower seems obvious to me, as much as brushing your teeth in the shower I find it as abusive as shitting in the shower.

Top 18 Ways to Brush Your Teeth and What They

Completely narvalo this baby

7. Strategists who leave a little food in the hollow of the left molar in case of scarcity

You certainly live in lack and your thrifty spirit has developed extraordinary strategies to be able to feed yourself in all circumstances. I respect that kind of ingenious behavior.

8. Talkers who talk to you when you don’t understand anything

But actually shut up, every time you speak you sputter projectiles of blood-tinged foam, it’s filthy you disgust me and at the same time I want you, you kind of animal.

9. The marathon runners who go around the apartment and scatter a bit of toothpaste everywhere

Close to the aforementioned category of talkers because they also cause a lot of damage. But what is most unbearable is their nonchalance.

10. Lazy women who don’t even move their arm and let their electric toothbrush roam freely over their teeth

Fans of high tech, these futurists do not hesitate to appropriate technological progress for the benefit of their oral hygiene. But that doesn’t stop us from wanting to hit them anyway.

11. Lumberjacks who strip their teeth and have to change the burst brush every 2 days

By far the worst toothbrushes in existence. You are your own enemy.

12. The big yucky who look like they vomit when they spit so much it comes from the back of their throat

No one asked you to deepthroat either.

13. The mythos under 10 who take us for hams for not brushing their teeth

Hey guys, just don’t brush your teeth at all and you’ll see when you lose them one by one before 15 years.

14. Crados who keep the toothbrush still in their mouth and don’t brush their teeth at all

What is your final project?

16. The SERIOUSLY SICK who brush their teeth without wetting their toothbrush first

We wonder how you survived this far.

17. The dorks who brush their tongues because they listened to the dentist and want to let the whole world know about it.

You are completely the type to file your tax return on the first day.

18. The over-drunk in the evening who brush their teeth with their fingers

You forgot your toothbrush at home, but you won’t survive your breath full of sausage, crisps, red wine and vomit if you don’t give it a little menthol polish. We do with the means at hand.

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