Top 18 tweets about train travel, when humor comes to the station

“Love stories are like train journeys” said a philosopher. And train journeys end badly, in general. We all have memories of all those times when we criss-crossed France sitting in a train car, and very often, we could have drawn a bit of positive from it: a good tweet for example.

1. But how did they do it?

2. Be a little grateful

3. It swings

4. Sales are everywhere

5. Anxiety

6. No Respect

7. Looks are heavy

8. Severe but fair

9. So This Is It

10. Let’s get tangled up

11. Bad plan

12. GO car 17

13. A blow to parenthood

14. Ah well yes in this case


16. And that in octagon between SFR and SNCF

17. Let’s Finally Talk About It


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