Top 18 Things You Feel Bad About When You’re Not

There are many things in life that make us feel guilty… Not knowing which sorting bin the corks go in, kicking your cat off your computer keyboard, not recognizing your child… all those little things often make us feel like we’re mean when we’re basically a nice person. We have found plenty of other examples of this kind on this AskReddit.

1. Tell the hairdresser you don’t like the cut he gave you

It’s still stupid not to dare to report when the hairdresser makes you a ball to zero when you asked for a simple refreshment of the mullet.

2. Tell the server that this meal was disgusting

OK, you don’t have to tell him “yo cousin, your rib steak was so disgusting that I wiped my ass with it”. There are better ways to signal displeasure, but it’s okay to speak up when you find pubic hair in your sweetbreads.

Top 18 things you feel bad about when you're not

3. Walking on a floor that has just been cleaned

We always feel an unequaled embarrassment by putting our foot on a floor beautifully polished by the gentleman or the lady of the household (or simply by your boyfriend or your girl or your roommate or your children). In fact, if you arrive with boots full of mud and dog shit it is not very friendly indeed.

That being said, if you’re not a ranger and your soles are reasonably dirty, it doesn’t seem inconceivable that you’re walking on freshly mopped ground when there are no other paths. Afterwards, if you’re really hot, you can also build a bridge, but once the bridge is built, and the mop is also passed over this surface? What are you going to do, build a second bridge?

4. Accept a food sample and don’t buy anything from the shopkeeper afterwards

Personally, I show up with 12 different disguises to nab a new slice of sausage for free. In the end it almost makes a whole sausage. OK, it’s 10 a.m. and it clearly makes you want to puke, but when you like sausage, you don’t count. Besides, have you ever wondered which sausage you are?

5. Not seeing a friend because you don’t like their other friends

Who said friends of my friends were my friends? A con, that’s all.

6. Walk into a store, look at all the products and walk out without buying anything

And imagine the tear-jerking saleswoman moaning in sadness and pain because you didn’t buy her any panties…

Calm down, in real life she doesn’t care.

7. Clearing your throat in any public place

Activity prohibited since March 2020 and which may come back into fashion from 2027.

Top 18 things you feel bad about when you're not

8. Don’t follow back someone you know on Instagram

At the same time, where does this completely slammed social law come from, which seems more violent than a “seen” posted on Facebook?

Top 18 things you feel bad about when you're not

9. The countless bullshit you said drunk the night before that you’re starting to have vague memories of

You wake up, you still smell the alcohol and the cold ashtray in your mouth, physically you look like Gilbert Collard and your brain gradually reminds you of the number of things you threw drunk at your friends. Now you’re ashamed, you’re afraid your friends will never talk to you again.

Don’t worry, unless I’m mistaken, they were as drunk as you. But then maybe think about drinking less in the future.

Top 18 things you feel bad about when you're not

10. Pushing your cat out of the bed because it takes up all the space

If you still needed proof that you are being dominated by your cat…

Top 18 things you feel bad about when you're not

11. Do not spin money to a homeless while you are exposed

Yes because if you’re not exposed in yourself I don’t see what justifies not spinning money to an old jackal homeless.

12. Not using or wearing a gift that was given to you

Boah it’s ok guys it’s not my fault if you’re giving stupid gifts to ièch brothel, and then it’s ok it’s not like I sold your gift…

Top 18 things you feel bad about when you're not

13. Resell a gift you were given

Yes, but at the same time if this gift is useless to me, isn’t it more logical that I resell it to have money in order to make a better gift in return?

Damn, nobody does that.

14. Sit at a restaurant, look at the menu and leave

The too sad waiter joins the saleswoman directly to cry together about their loneliness.

Fake. The server he cracks the slip that you leave.

15. Saying that you already donate to an NGO when you get stopped by a canvasser in the street (when it’s not even true)

It’s not very pretty to do that, but after a while they break the NGOs into wanting our money to do good in the world. Stop fooling yourself actually.

16. Refusing to split the bill when others have taken 100 balls of wine

It’s not mean, but when you’ve only drunk water, it hurts to share the bill.

Top 18 things you feel bad about when you're not

17. Not holding the door for someone coming up behind you

You’re just doing a favor by doing that. It pisses everyone off to have to run to thank the person who held the door for you when in real life it just put stress on you that will certainly lead to heart complications.

18. Telling your kids they’re ugly and dumb

It’s not mean and it’s better that it’s you who announces them rather than another person

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