Top 18 Stuff Only Idiots Say (It’s Proven)

Look carefully around you. According to science (at least I read it on Twitter), one in four people is completely stupid. Can’t you see any? It might be time to worry… Afterwards, you can always prove to yourself that you’re not completely stupid by immediately stopping buying those things that only idiots have, doing those things that only idiots have. do but above all, by immediately stopping any use of the following sentences. There is no better remedy, I assure you.

2. “He’s smart”

The next time someone says that, and in particular a member of the start-up nation, I attack table football with scissors, is that understood???

3. “It’s going like a Monday”

The use of this expression was abolished in 1789 after Louis XVI had his trachea cut at the guillotine for saying “It’s going like a Monday” to his groom.

4. “But where did you lose it?”

Surely where you have lost your dignity by asking me this completely STUPID question which will not advance me at all in my research and will give me the desire for first degree murder more than anything else.

5. “It’s a masterclass”

People who smugly say “masterclass” as if they were the authors of this feat deserve to choke on the wrapper of a package of organic raisin cakes.

6. “I love you more than anything”

Ah yeah like more than life? Like more than a five-zero salary per me? Kind more than Benoît Hamon? I don’t think so, so your little thoughts there, you keep them for other zozos like you.

7. “I don’t think there’s a good or bad situation…”

Using quotes from films dating back more than 20 years is punishable by imprisonment for nuisance to the tranquility of others, be aware of this. But at least you could maybe take the opportunity to buy yourself a personality too, while you’re at it.

8. “Exactly”

We are at the same level of intelligence as the “Voili, voilou” and the “Merki”, so that you can situate yourself on the scale of the intellectual level of the users of expressions. Yes it is low, very low.

9. “Annie Goofy”

People who use this nickname gerbos are the same people who say “Aaaah, that’s fine! they suck with their ecology! It still drives my 1997 gasoline very well, huh! “. People who therefore deserve to choke on unleaded-95.

10. “Here I go…Lamb!”

Say that again and I swear to you that I’ll install a ten-hour loop of a “health, but not feet” launched by Bigard in the loudspeaker of your telephone.

11. “I feel targeted”

Oh good ? You think ?? No kidding ??? Will you tell me so much????

12. “I’m like that, I have a big mouth, they like me like that”

Nobody likes you like that Pascaline, it’s time to stop justifying your horrible attitude with this sentence used by assholes (in addition to idiots, we hit the jackpot).

13. “If I can play devil’s advocate…”

No, you can’t, because if we let you, you’ll still give a shitty opinion by making us believe that it’s not yours and that it’s just for debate, when everyone knows you are racist to the core. Abstain, period.

Top 18 Stuff Only Idiots Say Its Proven

14. “Do what you love and you will be happy”

I ate sushi for three hours straight and now my belly is bigger than a pile of cinder blocks and I’m going to have to take shots of Dulcolax to get rid of it all. But the joy is present as you can see huh, don’t worry!

15. “The Hallu”

Valid for people who also say “hell” and “anguish” to express any emotion. Your IQ is 2.

16. “Sorry not sorry”

Well, if you’re not sorry, close your clap box then! Why do you open it like that all the time? “SoS NOT SOOOOOoO”. Buy yourself a temporal cortex and come back to me when you’re okay with yourself.

17. “The Truth Inconveniences”

You know what truth doesn’t bother, though? The one who says you’re a profoundly stupid person. A real pickle. Well, no one complains.

18. “Somehow karma will take care of him”

Yeah, well, by then you might be gone, and more importantly, that person probably walked out of your life a long time ago when karma knocked on their door, which fact that you will know absolutely nothing about it. You really have to have the intelligence of a teaspoon to believe in this kind of consolation sentence.

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