Top 18 photos that prove Finland is a country like no other

There are bound to be a lot of things you don’t know about Finland. Maybe you learned that its capital was Helsinki in middle school and you can place it on a map without confusing it with Sweden, but chances are you don’t know much more about this beautiful country. This is an opportunity to discover, in pictures, a few little things about this piece of land that is unlike any other country on the planet.

1. Finns sometimes have shops without a salesperson

Finns trust each other so much that in some farm shops there is no one to watch over and cash customers. Those who come to buy products simply write down their purchases in a special notebook and leave their money in a jar or pay online. The kind of stuff that would typically be impossible in every other country on the planet.

2. In Northern Finland, water and wind sometimes create ice eggs

We want to watch this image for hours and hours.

3. There is a library bus in Helsinki

That way it’s not up to the readers to go to the library, it’s the library that comes to the readers.

4. There are beautiful icy forests here

Don’t forget to put on a little coat and mittens because it looks like it’s curdling badly.

5. There are signs to protect the ducks

A country that wants to protect ducks is necessarily a country of good people.

6. In Finland, you can buy reindeer meat crisps

Well finally we take back what we said above: the Finns are not as cool as we thought. Killing Santa’s reindeer is not done.

7. And there are also traffic signs to protect the hedgehogs

We don’t know what to think anymore. Maybe the Finns are still very nice.

8. In summer, some restaurants offer a dog menu on the terrace

That way, while you’re eating, your doggie, in addition to having its water bowl, well, it eats too.

9. There are salmon ladders

As we know, salmon go up the current of rivers by leaping, which is still quite tiring when you’re a fish (well, we imagine). As a result, the Finns build sorts of ladders made up of successive basins to help them go up more easily without being bothered by the current. It’s nice.

10. Finns make art in the snow

As long as you have a country covered in snow, you might as well make something beautiful out of it. And there, to be beautiful, it’s beautiful.

11. Large jars of mayo are listed as “US Size”

It’s the Americans who must be happy when they see that.

12. You can find counters that indicate the number of bikes that have passed during the day

Surely to encourage people to cycle, even if it’s a little less encouraging when it’s on snow.

13. In Finland you can see red rainbows

It gives a little Mordor side to the place, but on the one hand it’s also very pretty.

14. At the supermarket you can buy packs of 100 and even 1000 beers

Perfect for a quiet evening with 2 or 3 friends.

15. The barcodes of this Finnish rusk brand form a forest with a deer

That’s beautiful packaging as we would like to see more often.

16. They also have dog parks

Just to prevent them from parking anywhere and being taken away by the pound… Well, as long as you think about it, check out the best Google reviews on the pound, it’s great.

17. This Finnish gas station has a nice library

Nothing to do with our filthy gas stations.

18. Their bus seats have raccoon prints

We would like to sit in this bus and stay there until the terminus.

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