Top 18 Photo Evidence That Millennials Have Shitty Lives

Millennials (those born between around 1984 and 1996, as a reminder) are beginning to be the most numerous on this small planet. However, it is not at all they who dominate the game of life. On the contrary: millennials tend to be fooled by society. Whether it’s finding a job, housing, or living a decent life in general, they have a lot of trouble. Here are some well-chosen images and other tweets that show that millennials would have done better to be born a decade or two earlier.

1. Millennials no longer have the money to have kids

“Paying my monthly rent which has tripled since 2001 with my paycheck which is the same amount my dad was making in 1993, then opening the newspaper and reading stories about why no one has kids anymore”

2. There is no miracle

“Ask ‘How’s your job search going?’ » It’s a bit like asking « did you come? »

I promise you you would have noticed if we had succeeded”

3. Millennials are forced to answer silly questions

Parents: “Young people are much more depressed now, I wonder why”

Children: “You destroyed the economy for us, the Earth is literally dying, we’re going to have to work until we die, and on top of that the Nazis are back. »

Parents: “It must be because of those pesky iPhones”

4. It’s easier for boomers and rich people

Old people born with wealth and privilege / “If you work hard you can succeed in anything you do” / “Children of poor people”

5. Good question

“Why should we go to school if you don’t listen to educated people? »

6. Millennials are ruled by old people

“I think part of the problem with raising the minimum wage is that half of our politicians were born in the 1940s and still think the rent is $71 a month.”

7. We give them crazy “solutions”

“I’m so sick of these right-wing people who take us out: ‘If you don’t like your country, leave it’

No, motherfucker. We want to fix things and make them better. If the roof of your house is leaking, you don’t move, you invest time and money to fix it.

And then we don’t hate our country, we confront it with its faults. »

8. Buying has become a big ordeal

Article: “Are you a millennial? Are you saving to buy a house? You might need an inheritance”

“The sign of a healthy economy is when you tell a whole generation to sit down and wait for their parents to die”

9. In addition, we take them for incompetents

Article: “Millennials are so clueless they’re taking ‘adult classes’ to learn how to do things like sew on a button”

Response: “You made a few typos so I corrected: ‘Millennials are so motivated that they take classes to learn the skills that older generations failed to teach them’

10. Millennials are completely taken advantage of by less good people than them.

“Behind every broke millennial, there’s a Boomer who makes a 6-figure salary but can’t open a PDF”

11. Be careful, you have to act as if nothing had happened

“Have you ever been overwhelmed by how our real world is a dystopian nightmare, but everyone just keeps acting like it’s normal? »

12. Millennials are forced to scale back their life goals

Article: “Millennials want jobs and education, not marriage and children”

“Alternate Title: You’ve screwed up the economy so badly that we can’t focus on marriage and kids because we can’t afford to live”

13. A question not just for millennials, but almost all of them ask it

“You have to ask yourself: if our economic system is actively destroying the biosphere AND failing to meet the basic needs of most people, then what is the point? »

14. This is unthinkable today

“I feel the need to explain something to the generation that doesn’t remember, or has ever seen, a world where an educated person could comfortably support a family of 5. It was real. For millions of American families. It was *normal.* It was stolen from you. »

15. What are these impossible demands?

“I love job ads on social networks that ask for 15 years of experience. So you actually want to hire Tom from MySpace? »

16. And when you’re a woman, you’ve lost everything

Article: “Millennial women are ‘worried’ and ‘shamed’ of their boyfriends and husbands who earn too much money”

“No we are not. Please pay us more. »

17. It would be easier to redistribute the money

“If I made a dollar every time some old jerk complained about millennials… I’d have enough money to buy a house in this economy they screwed up. »

18. They don’t like it when you listen to them too much

Boomers and Generation X: “Don’t have kids if you can’t afford them”

Millennials and Generation Z: “Okay”

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