Top 18 of the funniest tweets on Vinted, a wonderful world

If you don’t know, Vinted is this very practical platform where you can sell your ugly old high school sweaters to supplement your ends of the month a little. Usually you spend 3 hours taking photos, you cry when you see that no one wants your clothes, you lower the price, you accept an even lower offer and then you drop off your package at the pick-up point, all for 4 euros 75: clearly worth it. And in the middle of it all, you come across boring people on Vinted and unusual parcel packaging. We tell you: Vinted is great.

2. And it will never be bought

3. It’s called harassment I think

4. The shipping cost of anguish

5. They don’t respect anything

6. These people genuinely worry me

7. These people are demons

8. Don’t waste it we said

9. A little weird the banker

10. When money is at stake, politeness is forgotten

11. Business is business

12. It’s OK, they reactivated it?

13. These are things that happen

14. Practice in real life

15. Not sure it’s a girlfriend

16. What is a coffee stain in a lifetime?

17. And We Will Never Stop

18. Fancy a Patrick Fiori candle now

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