Top 18 Gen Z tricks Millennials don’t understand

I’m not throwing Mont Blanc into the Atlantic Ocean by saying there are many differences between millennials and Gen Z. And as is the case with all generations, everyone makes fun of each other with great pleasure, as shown by the tweets of Generation Z who don’t give a damn about the millennials. But beyond the valve, there are still things that we, the Y generation, have trouble understanding (besides the mathematical law of internal composition, which really has nothing to do). If a young person passes by to explain to us…

2. The sweatshirts they wear in the summer

I’m not going to lie to you, I think it’s all because of Princess Diana whose sense of style is very hyped at the moment.

3. Their big problem with astrology

Today, young people (yes, it pains me to write it) no longer refer to their Hogwarts house to express their personality and explain their behaviors. No, no: they refer to their horoscope which they all know by heart. So don’t blame them if they are a little angry: it’s not their fault, they are surely Mars in Aries.

4. Their hatred of gifs

In addition to not using emojis like us (they use crying smileys and skulls to express laughter, for example), members of Gen ‘Z refuse to use gifs, which they really find corny. Too bad, I really liked them, these little videos on a loop.

5. Their total desertion from Facebook

It’s not for nothing that TikTok has become the most downloaded app in the world in 2021: no one under 30 has used Facebook for years. As much as one can understand that TikTok is attractive. As much as we find it really a shame to write off the publications “Like and I tell you what I think of you” on the walls of your friends.

6. Their passion for meaningless expressions

Hello how I shit to translate “It’s Gucci” and “Sheeeesh” in the top expressions of Generation Z to know. You don’t have to do this anymore, stop.

7. Their ability to self-diagnose themselves as anti-social and homebody

Many Gen Zenners (is that what they call it?) consider themselves “shy” and want their plans to be canceled at each scheduled party. Yes, because many members of this generation say that they quickly run out of “social battery” and that they prefer to have as little interaction as possible with others. Wouldn’t that be a return to the “I hate everyone” of Generation X for example? Doubt persists…

8. The fact that they wear “disguises” from the 90s and 2000s in the first degree

My heart is bleeding, it’s too much, respect us.

9. The fact that they go on TikTok to look for tutorials or answers to their questions

Yes, it’s a fact, in the next few years, no one will watch 3-hour tutorials on YouTube to learn how to fit a head gasket because Gen Z will have popularized the 30-second video that explains how to do it in 56 parts.

10. Their passion for face-time

We thought we were done with the calls but noooo, Gen Z had to get involved and bring the phone up to date, with the camera and more. We hadn’t been asked anything, leave us alone!

11. Their love of plants (especially dried flowers)

Have you noticed how green-fingered Generation Z is? Thirty green plants on their desk and none showing signs of weakness. Good on the other hand, we really have to stop fucking pampas everywhere, we can’t take it anymore, buy yourself a personality, shit.

12. The fact that they wear hipsters like it’s normal

Sorry Gen Z, but we didn’t fight for more than 10 years against the worst clothes of the 2000s to see the return of low-rise jeans and thongs that stick out. VET, I TELL YOU STRAIGHT!

13. How much they don’t care about cookies, hacking and internet risks

Today’s young people are on the Internet 24/7 (it’s not me who says it, it’s scientific studies, don’t shame me). And yet, they brush themselves off with T&Cs, cookie permissions, security settings, and anything else that might prevent them from getting hacked or their identity stolen. Surprising…

14. The importance they place on “aesthetics”

Aesthetics for Gen ‘Z, to summarize in big big big, vaguely means “beautiful” and qualifies a lot of objects, places, clothes, makeup, that we will be able to bring together according to a mood, romantic genre or minimalist. For example, for the aesthetic “Picnic in a wheat field still fresh from the morning dew”, we will see white dresses with frills, checkered picnic tablecloths, avocado toast instead of sandwiches triangle and people who wear rubber boots with way too much style. A Pinterest category what. We can see, moreover, that aesthetics are important when restaurants become Instagrammable places (meaning places that look so beautiful in photos that you can post them on Instagram to look stylish). Ah bah, it’s smart to bait the barge huh.

15. The fact that they film themselves crying

For snaps, tiktoks or private insta stories, the young people of Gen ‘Z have a great tendency to film their tears in close-up to show their dismay to their little comrades. If you are given a story-time, chances are you will see some tear fluid, be prepared.

16. Their use of disposable electronic cigarettes

There Gen Z, we say no! This fashion for mojito-flavored Puffs is nonsense, which we splurge a dozen times before throwing it away to take another raspberry-barbapapa flavour. And the planet then, have you already forgotten that you were the first in the marches for the climate??

17. Their absurd sense of humor

Yes, Gen Z is funny. Very funny even (yeah I’m a big ball licker, what is it?). But you have to hang on to fully understand their jokes. I’m still looking for someone to explain the concept of “ratio” to me.

18. Their rejection of periods at the end of sentences

Never write to someone from Gen Z “See you later. because you’re going to cause her night terrors with your dot clearly meaning you’re angry (even if you’re not at all). Even an “ok. » is forbidden, so take the seed of it so as not to make enemies among our descendants.

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