Top 18 faces behind famous fashion brands

In the world of fashion, there are names, such as those of Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld or Jean-Paul Gaultier, whose surname and face are well known. On the other hand, there are many other creators whose name is familiar to us, but whose appearance we are completely unaware of. Well… Enough suspense and ignorance: at the end of this top, you will know what twenty well-known creators look like. Yeah, it doesn’t do much, but it’s always nice to put a face to a name, right?

1. Marc Jacobs

Visibly as comfortable in the kitchen as in creating accessories. What’s the next step, actually? Leave a little to others anyway, Marc. It becomes infuriating.

2. Christian Louboutin

We all know these shoes with the red sole, but then, the real Christian Louboutin, who would have recognized him in the street? Honestly ? Nobody. For the record: he forbade the candidates of a reality TV show to wear his pumps on the screen… Well the only one to refuse free product placement, well!

3.Michael Kors

This time, it’s her handbags that we all know. The ones we all wanted, then finally… We don’t regret it. At all. Ahhh it’s crazy how tastes change, huh?

Top 18 faces behind famous fashion brands
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4. Vanessa Bruno

To stay in the theme of handbags that all the girls wanted to have to show off in high school: the mythical Vanessa Bruno. But siiii: the fabric bag with the two lines of sequins, there! It’s good, do you have it? Bah Vanessa Bruno is also and above all the creator of the line. Her essential shopping bag, to which she owes her fame, was created in 2000… Yes, 22 years already! It’s crazy how fast it grows.

5. Tommy Hifilger

Before arriving at the planetary success that the blue, white and red brand enjoys today, Tommy went through many stages. That’s called starting at the bottom, and doing it yourself! At first, he is content to personify basic pieces that he unearths in small New York boutiques, and then, one thing leading to another (do you have it?), he breaks into the game.

6. The Prada Brothers

We all know the devil wears Prada, though… Who knows who Prada is? Well, actually, it’s two people! Mario and Martino Prada. Two Italian brothers who founded the brand, under the name of Fratelli Prada in 1913. Today, it is their granddaughter, the discreet Miuccia Bianchi Prada who has taken over the reins.

7. Calvin Klein

So, I don’t know about you, but for me Calvin Klein = first date boxer shorts. Well, imagine that before being pretty (although much too expensive) calbar, Calvin Klein is above all this guy. The. Just below.

8.Ralph Lauren

So, we call him “Ralph Lauren”, but his birth name is “Ralph Lifschitz”. Too often mocked by his classmates for his surname (really not cool), he decides to change it to “Lauren”, in homage to the actress “Lauren Bacall”, considered as an incarnation of the “American dream”. At the origin of the “Preppy” style (sportswear clothing style), the designer grew up in the same New York neighborhoods as Calvin Klein. As children, they only know each other by sight. Later, they will support each other in their careers. This story is too cute.

9. Luciano Benetton

Finally… He is one of the 4 co-founders of the brand, with Giuliana Benetton, Carlo Benetton, and Gilberto Benetton, namely: his brothers and sisters. There. What more can you say?

10. Nina Ricci

Maria Adélaïde Nielli by her birth name, is a French designer of Italian origin, passionate about fashion. After 20 years of work at Raffin, it was not until 1932 (at age 49) that she founded the Nina Ricci house, greatly helped and supported by her son: Robert Ricci. According to some fashion magazines: Nina did not know how to draw and therefore made her models directly on a mannequin. The art of going straight to the point!

11. Tara Jarmon

After thirty years as the artistic director of her eponymous brand, Tara Jarmon handed over the reins to Colombe Campana in 2017. Tara is not leaving the fashion world for all that: she has just co-founded a new line with her daughter, Camille : “Mirae”.

12. Cristobal Balenciaga

Born at the end of the 19th century, Cristobal Balenciaga was a Spanish couturier known for his intransigence and the quality of his products. Other designers, like Christian Dior, spoke of him as “the master of us all” (no, but still more, guys). On the day of his death in 1972, the Women’s Wear Daily headlined “The King is Dead”. In short, he was really respected by his peers. And to think that now “Balenciaga” is shoes-socks and boots-leggings (yes, yes…).

13.Alexander McQueen

Lee Alexander McQueen, by his full name, was born in London in 1969. Nicknamed “l’enfant terrible” for the provocative side of his collections, he also stands out for the staging of his parades, which are always very theatrical. Unfortunately, he killed himself in 2010, when he was only 40, the day before his mother’s funeral. Several artists have paid tribute to him, such as Laure Shang Wen Ji who wrote to him To McQueenor Lady Gaga, who, at the Brit Awards, dedicates her interpretation of Telephone to him.

14. Guccio Gucci

Born in Florence in 1881, he very quickly rubbed shoulders with the world of textiles since his father was a craftsman who worked leather. He founded Gucci in 1921, offering a line for the equestrian world, directly inspired by English nobility and Tuscan craftsmanship. When he died in 1953, he had already built a real Gucci empire, so much so that… His four sons and grandchildren were fighting to take over. Literally. It goes as far as murder. It’s super creepy.

15. Jean-Rene Lacoste

As it probably won’t surprise you at all, Lacoste was nicknamed “The Crocodile” or “The Alligator”. More than creator and founder of his eponymous brand, he was also a tennis champion (Olympic medalist in 1924), industrialist, engineer and designer. Just that. A very nice resume!

16. Jacquemus

A young French designer, who is only 32 years old. Originally from Provence, Simon Porte Jacquemus founded his brand when he was only 20 years old. To make himself known, he has his creations worn by his friends, in the shops, during the Vogue Fashion Night Out of 2010 in Paris, then in Show Dior of 2011. Smart! Today, handbag enthusiasts are snapping up her mini bag. The one in which you can’t even fit a key. The AirPods holder over the shoulder, there.

17. Thomas Burberry

Thomas Burberry is the dean of this top: he was born in 1835. At a very young age, he fell in love with gymnastics and became an accomplished sportsman, often invited to participate in competitions between farmers in the Scottish highlands… easily where the inspiration for the mythical tartan (Scottish checkered fabric) comes from. A victim of premature rheumatism, her doctor advised her not to wear a rubber raincoat, which did not allow perspiration to escape. He then set out to find a breathable waterproof fabric and ended up creating, in 1880, the gabardine. The threads are sealed and then woven very tightly. Their porous texture allows ventilation. His discovery seduced and the brand quickly grew. In 1919, he was even appointed official dresser of the Court of the King of England.

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