Top 18 expressions of very heavy beaufs

The cocktail hour has come, and its share of redneck expressions as we like them. So we can judge, we can say to ourselves that really speaking like rednecks is a bit of the ultimate loser, but in the end wouldn’t we give a damn about the steaks? Having an aperitif without speaking the language of the aperitif is not really having an aperitif.

1. “You’ve got a good descent, I wouldn’t like to do it on a bike”

Degree of beauty: 45%. We are above all on a fine and hard-hitting analysis of a noble sport that combines the handlebars with the pedal better than any other sport.

Top 18 expressions of very heavy beaufs

2. “Health, but not the feet!”

Degree of beauty: 86%. A good pun as we like them that highlights our ability to play with the French language.

Top 18 expressions of very heavy beaufs

3. “Hey oh, we’re on the loose huh”

Degree of beauty: 30 %. Personally, I just discovered that this expression was redneck, I don’t understand why or how.

4. “Will you serve us the little sister?”

Degree of beauty: 78%. This expression should return to the world heritage of the best expressions essential to the smooth running of the aperitif.

Top 18 expressions of very heavy beaufs

5. “Pastis in blue weather, marvelous pastis”

Degree of beauty: 50%. Pastis sponsored the other 50 percent of this phrase.

6. “Is there a ball in the pie?”

Degree of beauty: 91%. It’s not really an expression inherent to the aperitif unless you find pâté to nibble on and in this case it becomes an expression of circumstance.

Degree of beauty (if there is really a ball in the pâté): 3%. It’s not redneck, it’s just an observation made in familiar terms.

7. “Oh la la we calm down, no higher than the glass”

Degree of beauty: 39%. Well yes because if it’s higher than the glass it overflows, and if it overflows it means that we will have less to drink and should not be wasted. In fact it is not a redneck expression but an expression imbued with economic considerations.

8. “Wouldn’t he be thirsty?”

Degree of beauty: 89%. Converting thirst into a state like hot or cold is obviously the redneck’s Godwin point. And we love it.

Top 18 expressions of very heavy beaufs

9. “I have a dry throat”

Degree of beauty: 65%. Maybe this person is just asking for a glass of water and their statement has simply been misinterpreted.

10. “Another one the Boches won’t have”

Degree of beauty: 95%. Beauf and exceeded, but what do you want it is in the old expressions that one makes the best soups.

11. “I’m going to drain the water from the olives” (to pee)

Degree of beauty: 106%. Thank you for not disgusting us for life with fucking olives.

Top 18 expressions of very heavy beaufs
Picture credits: Topito

12. “Seagulls have foot” (when your glass is empty)

Degree of beauty: 73%. Not so redneck when you have a devouring passion for ornithology.

13. “Japan Japan! (instead of “Tchin-tchin”)

Degree of beauty: 150%. The magnificent result of a good dose of geographical knowledge combined with a hint of intoxication.

Top 18 expressions of very heavy beaufs

14. “Tchin tchong” (instead of “Tchin-tchin”)

Degree of beauty: 160%. The magnificent result of a good dose of racism combined with a touch of drunkenness.

15. “My back teeth are swimming”

Degree of beauty: 99%. It’s not so much that it’s a redneck expression, it’s mostly that the image really gives the sheaf.

Top 18 expressions of very heavy beaufs

16. “Married in the year!”

Degree of beauty: 78%. The number of times we would be married if we had to take that expression at face value.

17. “Where did you park?” (to ask your friend where his drink is)

Degree of beauty: 97% With a beauf supplement for the use of “where it is that” which is worth 15% in its own right.

18. “One whistle is better than two you’ll get”

Well OK it’s not an expression at all, I just made it up but I find it quite relevant so if you could get as many people as possible to use it by next summer that would be cool , thank you.

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