Top 18 best tweets about birthdays, one more year in the face

I don’t know if you’re aware (I hope not, otherwise it’s weird) but it was my birthday this week. The more time passes, the less birthdays are a moment of pleasure because it reminds us of the passing of time and brings us inexorably closer to death. There you go, have fun!

1. It makes you think

2. The unease you can’t escape

3. Too Lucky

4. The poor child, he will remember this all his life

5. Also Pizza Hut

6. Everything But Not That

7. He’s really stupid, your friend

8. It’s okay

9. He has other priorities

10. It’s okay

11. I know someone who won’t get a gift

12. Prevention is better than kicking the ass

13. It’s hacking fast

14. And that’s a very good reason

16. You’re just actually immature

17. Hello darkness my old friend

18. We are jealous of you

Don’t forget to send a little birthday message to that high school friend you haven’t seen in 10 years (we know you got the notification on Facebook).

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