Top 18 best teacher punchlines in history

Apart from two or three unlucky ones, we have all gone through school in our lives. Some even pushed the vice to higher education because they claimed to have diplomas. In short, we have all met funny teachers in our lives, and we know that they are people who like to throw us very brittle little punchlines to shut us up in front of the whole class. On asked you on Topito’s Twitter and on Facebook what were your best teacher punchlines, and here are some of your answers. You seem like big losers in class. Sorry.

1. The important thing is to share with your friends

2. Phew my brain just exploded in front of so many classes

3. It’s always better than putting the cart before the horse

4. The first of the class we always pass them everything (I know because I was)

5. A real critique of society that turns the brain

6. But sharp, isn’t it?

7. That’s really not nice, we call the management to complain

8. Yes hello the infirmary? We send you a student who has just been clashed very severely.

9. Mathieu is the amphi’s official barometer, it’s practical

10. He could give her private lessons instead.

11. Like he was a specialist in donkeys, it’s worth nothing at all this clash

12. It’s a beautiful image that we would really like to see in real life, it must be funny

13. There are some who have done well going through this, so I say why not

14. How does he know?!!! His girlfriend dumped him?

15. There are way too many “p’s” in this sentence, I hope the guy wasn’t sputtering too much

16. “And you can cook steaks on it”

17. He was talking about the keyboard???

18. He wasn’t a physics teacher otherwise he would have known it was impossible

19. Thomas’s (poignant) testimony on Facebook:

“I was in history/geo class, the bell just rang at the end of class and the teacher told us until we finished, we weren’t going out. We had to finish explaining a photo wanting to finish the course quickly I raise my hand and say “the photo is ugly” My teacher who answers me quite naturally “no that’s you thomas” ”

20. Flavian’s (disturbing) testimony on Facebook:

“My 5th grade main teacher comes into the room angrily and tells us:

“Little riddle: Mr. and Mrs. Menvu, a bunch of idiots like that, have a son, what should they not call him? Gerard. Because I have rarely seen a bunch of morons like that. »

It’s the first time we’ve been yelled at with a joke and it’s disturbing. In the end we took 50 lines to copy. »

21. Testimony (upsetting) of Laurie on Facebook:

“The French teacher had asked a guy to come and sit at the table in front of her desk because he couldn’t stop talking with his friends.

When he said “no” she replied: “men never tell me no”. »

22. Georges’ (amazing) testimony on Facebook:

“Sports teacher: we’re not going to get by with one running like a bag of cement and the other like a breeze block. »

23. The (amazing) punchline of Baptiste’s teacher:

“”Take out your pens without making too much noise. It wouldn’t be about waking up Baptiste » «

If you want to think a little more about your teachers, here are some very tasty teacher memes.

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