Top 17 images that prove that we are victims of the consumer society

It’s never too late (though) to make this observation: capitalism goes too far, so much so that it has eaten our brains. Now, we have become buying machines, and that’s good because companies spend their time selling us stuff. The world is well done after all, huh? No, the world is not well made. No way. And we’re going straight into the wall.

2. A brand sells kits to save bees

It’s just a sugary liquid in a piece of plastic that will probably never be recycled. Not how we’re going to save the bees.

3. Supermarkets throw away too much waste

We could feed a lot of people with what is thrown away in a day by a single supermarket.

4. The race to “who has the biggest” that will kill us

“American politicians are like, ‘We’re falling behind, we have to compete with China,’ and then refuse to build infrastructure, develop social programs, or literally do anything but grow the military. »

5. No ads, it feels good

“The joy of not being asked to buy stuff”

6. Who is the thief?

Tweet 1: “Whale shark learned how to steal food from fishing nets”

Tweet 2: “Ah the shark is the one flying there? »

7. Now everything is fragile

“I remember that time when dropping your phone didn’t break it. Instead, the back of the phone came off, the battery popped out, and you just had to reassemble everything. »

8. It looks like a bad joke

“I realized that I was going to have to work 20 hours to afford Khloe Kardashian brand jeans… and I love them… contact me to offer me some extra work”

Khloé Kardashian: “Awwwww this is so cute!!!! I’m so glad you like them”

9. Every opportunity is a good one to sell

“There could be an alien invasion today, that wouldn’t stop the brands from getting us out of ‘Hey! You know what REALLY comes from somewhere else? This promo! Use code OVNI for 30% off. »

10. Very strong this capitalism

“The biggest brainwash of capitalism is to be proud of your own exploitation. Saying you’ve worked 80 hours a week since you were 17 isn’t cool, it’s sad. »

11. Big business bullshit

“I hate supermarket checkout screens asking me if I want to donate $20 to end world hunger or something like that. You’re a company worth 10 billion. I use coupons to get 50 cents off a potato fillet. Why don’t YOU donate $20 to stop the end of the world? »

12. Society does not like the poor

Article: ‘Children could be sent to foster homes because of canteen debt, Pennsylvania school warns’

13. We are consciously sold shit

“My best friend gave me a hematite ring that breaks when it absorbs too much negative energy from my life. It only took a month to break and now I need a new one. »

“I would have to start selling shoddy items using the same marketing. »

14. When even motherhood becomes a business

“Only the United States is forcing you to give birth while forcing you to pay tens of thousands of dollars to give birth without even giving you time to give birth. »

15. And the palm of horror goes to…

In China live animals are used as lucky pendants.

16. Oh, pubs in the sea

And why not finally?

17. Great Gift

Offer an apple in a box for $15, it’s always a pleasure.

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