Top 16 Worst Tips Ever Left People Are Obnoxious

In the United States, we leave a tip when we go to the restaurant. It’s like that, it’s the tradition, and if you don’t do it, it’s very frowned upon. So, some leave nice tips, others funny tips, or normal tips, and then there are motherfuckers who don’t leave a tip or who take advantage of it to behave like assholes. These are some of the worst customers in restaurants, and they deserve never to be served again.

1. A mask with “Fuck you” written on it

The manager of an American restaurant explains that he provides masks for free to his customers for those who come without. He says he received a family of 7 people, anti-masks. The father used his children’s pencils to write “FUCK OFF” in one of the masks and left it as a tip for the poor 19-year-old waitress who hadn’t asked for anything.

2. A fake Trump bill

Giving a fake note is already a stupid thing, but if it has Trump’s head on it, it really sucks.

3. The ultimate asshole has been there

A bill in a glass full of water upside down and surrounded by ketchup. You really don’t have to like people to do that.

4. When you evaluate your tip according to your political ideas

The customer left a 5 cent tip with a note: “Get rid of your masks and the tip will be bigger. »

5. As if homophobia were normal

“If you had been straight, I would have tipped you. »

6. And the worst is that he brags about it on the networks, to puke:

“I took my wife out to dinner last night, and we had talked about doing this a lot. You put 5 one dollar bills on the table at the start of dinner for the waiter/waitress to see. (Don’t tell them anything) If they miss something, you take away a dollar, and so on. At the end of dinner, you tip what’s left over. I’m serious, you’re going to get the best service of your life. The waitress kept looking at the tickets and was confused. But she played her cards right, did a great job, and got the $5. I had taken 1 off because she had forgotten the bread, but she immediately came back and gave us some more. Ahah in the end what a beautiful evening we spent with my love, it was a good experience that we both wanted to do at the restaurant. Try it, you will be surprised! »

7. It may be true, but it’s not nice

Next to the amount of the tip, the customer wrote: “Try to do another job. »

8. A disgusting way not to give money

Instead of the tip amount, the customer wrote “TRUMP 2020”

9. Uh, thanks for the advice

He tipped $1.33 with a bit of asshole advice: “Get yourself a real job. »

10. She didn’t let him drink because he was underage

So he crossed out his $20 tip (like he was going to give that…)

11. Instead of tipping, customers left lots of asshole tips on a napkin.

” Mouse ! “, “Ask if we liked our dishes”, “Be warm”, “Ask us if we are well”, “Ask us to take a picture of us”, “Clean our table more often”, etc. etc Hell.

12. A little extra homophobia

Customer didn’t tip, but left a note: ‘Being gay is a sin’

13. No tip for a bill of 138 dollars

The client preferred to find an excuse: “Sorry, single mother. »

14. Apparently, being in the military gives you the right to be an asshole in restaurants.

“My tip is the freedom I got for you by serving for my country. Nothing for my service. »

15. Oh…nice

” Thanks “

16. Please don’t brag about it on the internet

“This luxury of having children lol, you can use them as an excuse for anything and everything! »

What she left on the bill: “I have 2 children, sorry for not leaving a tip. »

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