Top 16 words that are portmanteau words and we don’t know it

Because Topito is not just redneck jokes and top tweets, we also sometimes cultivate you. Today, we are going to learn together some portmanteau words and their meanings in order to guide you further on the road to knowledge.

1. Bobo

Coming from bourgeois-bohemian, the oldest known trace of this expression is found in the novel Bel-ami, by Maupassant. The question that we are entitled to ask is: Were sores already at the time the source of all the problems in the world according to politicians? We tried to contact him, but he did not answer our calls.

2. Herge

For RG, the initials of Georges Rémi. You will understand, Tintin’s dad was not very inspired when choosing his nickname.

3. Cinderella

Cinderella is a portmanteau word from ashes-slut, and not from pig-parallelpiped as one might have thought. Words are sometimes deceiving.

Top 16 words that are portmanteau words and we don't know it

4. Infographics

Formed from the word information and the suffix -graphy, this word does not necessarily present much interest in itself, but it allows me to talk about the graphic designers at Topito who are great people. Much more talented than me in any case.

5. IT

In your opinion, if we mix information and electronics, what does it give? Electromation? Lost, yet it was obvious, I wrote it just above.

6. Cellophane

Incredible but true, cellophane is not just a word, it is above all a portmanteau (otherwise it would have nothing to do with this top at the same time). Invented in 1926, it is the clever fusion of the words “cellulose” and “diaphanous”. Fascinating.

7. Craquotte


Take a crunchy rusk and you will get a craquotte. In the meantime, I ask you a question: where do you dance the crackers?

At the biscotheque.

Yes, we also like funny jokes.

8. Burkinis

Since it’s been a long time since I’ve been called a bobo-journalope in the pay of the media (bam, two more portmanteau words), I’m putting the burkini back at the center of the debate, we’ve had it for too long not spoken and it’s a shame I find it super interesting.

9. Indonesia

As mind-blowing (mind-blowing/shocking) as it may sound, there are also portmanteau countries. In this case, it consists of the words “India” and “Nisos” which means “island” in Greek. Do you take that in the face.

10. Tanzania

We stay in the series of suitcase countries with this little composition of the archipelago of Zanzibar and Tanganyika (which was quite simply the old name of Tanzania before it merged with Zanzibar, quite logical all that actually) .

11. Tic Tac Toe

This charming little animal that claps the encrusted in our panties (well me, no, but maybe you) is in fact nothing other than a “biting pawn” or the pawn is a louse. Basically you have schneckoss louse and it’s ugly. This is why it is more commonly called the pubic louse.

12. Croziflette

A tartiflette with crozets. Quite simply the most beautiful invention in the world.

13. Permafrost

We hear more and more about it in relation to the fact that it is melting and that it is not good news (to find out more, I refer you to these things that will happen with the melting of the permafrost). Well this little name is a mix of the word “permanent” and “gélisol” (and it’s mainly the French version of English permafrost), so it’s a part of the ground that remains frozen for two years or more.

15. Oligoasthenoteratospermia

It’s a portmanteau made of oligospermia (“sparse sperm”), asthenospermia (“poorly mobile sperm”) and teratospermia (“non-compliant sperm”). I imagine that you knew it, but since we use it every day, it seemed important to me to remember it.

16. Congolexicomatization

Approved by Wikipedia, congolexicomatisation comes from the words Congo + lexicomatiser (whose meaning remains to be defined) + the suffix ation.

Congratulations Eddy Malou, you left your mark in history.

Well, of course, we skipped over the more obscure portmanteau words such as Hollandouille, governmaman, journalope, or even frout and hélicobite. We’re not your mother either.

Source: Wikipedia

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