Top 16 things you do that when you travel alone, loneliness is only true

When you travel, it is more common for you to travel with others: with your family, your friends, your boyfriend or your girl, your cat… Solo travelers are rarer and we must say that we respect them a little more. Because it can be freakish to embark in a country that you do not know armed only with your backpack. That’s why there are things we all tend to do when traveling alone with ourselves.

1. Walk a lot, a lot and a lot more

It’s like that, when you travel alone you work your calves more. It’s easier to be a little lazy to move when you’re in a group than alone.

2. Bet on couch surfing

Overall, the good news when you travel solo is that life will cost you less. We don’t give a damn about luxury, we live in hostels with dormitories for 17 people, we squat on people’s sofas, in short, we’re in roots mode.

3. Send postcards to all our friends who didn’t travel with us

Far from your body but not far from your heart. Yeah, you’re really connected 24 hours a day on Whatsapp to beg them to give you news (well yeah because postcards are very nice but since you’re out and about, you know very well that nobody will never answer you and that’s very frustrating).

5. Take the time to sit down and look at the horizon while reflecting on life, like a taste of infinity in the power of the eternal

Now is the time to take stock of your life. For at least like 4 minutes.

6. Sometimes talk to yourself anyway

It’s now or never to become your own best friend.

7. Take more culinary risks by trying dishes you didn’t know

No one will be there to judge you if you throw up on yourself and get food poisoning, YAY.

8. Telling yourself that anyway…. we should have left with someone

Even if you fight this thought, sometimes it comes to the surface.

9. Pretend to be happier than if we were together

And for that, nothing beats posting photos on Instagram that show you in beautiful landscapes. Even if your heart is crying inside, you will give the impression of being a hyper-accomplished person.

10. Read about 17 books a week

You may have to think about investing in an e-book.

11. Do all the stuff you can ever do when you’re not alone

After that, it really depends on everyone and the people you are used to traveling with, but basically, it’s easier to dress up to get up at 5 a.m. and watch the sunrise when you’re all alone. Note, I didn’t say it was better. I just said it was easier.

13. Clinging to the neighbor’s arm when there’s turbulence in the plane

Indispensable to start the process of the first meetings. FRIENDSHIP PASSION.

14. Asking strangers to take pictures of us in front of monuments

It’s not too glorious in terms of self-esteem but it’s still better than investing in a selfie stick.

15. Become best friends with people you wouldn’t necessarily talk to in France

The great thing about traveling is that you meet people and make friends with people you wouldn’t naturally go to in a more familiar environment. This is what constitutes the main interest of travel. It’s fucking beautiful. Meetings. The human experience. Cough coughed.

16. Make a journal

Well yes because when you travel with someone, it’s more difficult to arrange your time to write. Solo you have time for everything and especially for you. This is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Bic pen.

Traveling alone ultimately means doing what you want when you want… Until you cry because you feel a little lonely. Come on, be brave, you’ll get there.

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