Top 16 things that happen in all episodes of Drag Race France, cocorico

Tonight is the finale of Drag Race France, the first French drag queen show inspired by RuPaul’s American show. For those who didn’t follow, ten drag queens compete in a fierce competition (at least that) to win the show and win a lot of goodies (like a trip to Mauritius, not so yucky ). And before discovering the big winner tonight, we wanted to remember this season with all the stuff we weren’t likely to miss since we saw them in each episode, a bit like the stuff we see in all episodes of Married at First Sight. Bring me back my queens!

1. A summary that makes you cry

We attack hard with a direct summary of the best moments of the previous episode, but above all the reminder of the elimination of the last queen, to make us cry from the first two minutes. But what did we do to deserve this???

2. A queen reads the cute lipstick note left by the eliminated

The drag arrive in a bomb, read the little note which is almost the same as that of the previous eliminated and erase it with a rag. Two minutes later, we have already forgotten what the word contained.

3. Nicky drops a downright obvious clue about the big challenge (and a lot of crap)

10/10 for the performance of the drag queens who play the intrigued well while everyone has captured very well what was going to happen 10 minutes later. Well done artists.

5. Queens drool over the Pit Crew

After his good atmosphere little sketch, Nicky brings the Pit Crew into the werk room to present the mini-challenge. And there, it’s the saliva fair as our little drag girls are in ecstasy in front of Nicky’s friends (rightly so, there’s still some good stuff). Get out the towels, you have to mop there.

6. Do you want some memes?

The mini-challenge and the big challenge are above all an opportunity for the queens to come out with lots of gimmicks and cult quotes that make excellent meme templates. Again, again, again!

7. The make-up moment when you shed the tears you had left

Whether it’s in the studio or when the drag guys are putting on make-up, there’s always a moment when it evokes very dramatic traumas and when all the queens recount their fight and their horrible experiences. And frankly, it’s too much for our little hearts and for the control of our tear fluid. Remember when Lolita Banana announced that she was HIV-positive or when La Grande Dame recounted her physical assault in the middle of the street. Great salty waters. Luckily Nicky is there to hang out and kindly knock down their project, making us laugh through our tears.

9. Outfits all more incredible than each other

Pass me the number of the creators (especially Paloma’s), I too want outfits like that to go to work.

10. Nicky gives her judgment with love and kindness

Good Nicky, you will have to stop being perfect after a while, it puts too much pressure on basic people. Because, a first in Drag Race, unlike RuPaul who is not too fond of kind words, Nicky always has something mims to say, which earned him a qualitative thank you from all the queens. We also cried at the end, stooooooop cut the floodgates.

11. Kiddy Smile who says he likes engaged drag

We understand. Then, he adds that he would like the queens to step out of their comfort zone. WE UNDERSTAND ! He then finds a downside to everything and anything. BUT YOU WILL STOP YES????!!

12. Daphne compliments the details but always finds you a problem where there is none.

Daphne, we love you, but we have to stop now, let your mind enjoy in peace.

14. The jury (poorly) pretends to be confused and Nicky yells “SILENCE! I’ve made my decision”

A staging worthy of the greatest directors, go take these awards, it’s deserved. If anyone were to become a leader to masterfully manage geopolitical conflicts, it would be Nicky.

15. The lypsinc gets you in the mood (even if you know very well who’s going to leave)

The lypsinc your life is clearly one of the best moments of Drag Race, the one where you feel the most even if the music is sometimes rotten/10. I would even say “LÉ-GEN-DAIRE”. Or you still cry like a dung because it’s too moving, it’s up to you, like during the performance of La Big Bertha and Lolita Banana on the song Corps d’Yseult. Come on stop, I’ll stop here otherwise I’m going to wet my keyboard again.

16. The departure of the queen finishes you off

We started crying, we end crying. Nicky announces her “Shantay, you stay; Shashay, it’s over” and we say goodbye to one of the queens who gives us a tearful speech as it should. Even the last dance of joy of the remaining queens does not prevent the waves from flowing silently from our eyes. And to think that next week, it’s over!

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