Top 16 sexist pearls of 2023, another great year of progress

Yes, although we are in the 21st century, there are things that continue hinhinhinhin (here you have to imagine that I say these words with tears streaming down my cheeks). And sexism is part of it, supriiiiiise! Because if you look closely at the shocking figures on sexism in 2023, there is still a lot of work to do. We're going to start by educating the kinds of idiots below who fully deserve their big misogynist medals for having distinguished themselves well in this field of expertise in 2023. And there's nothing to be proud of, believe me.

Pascal Praud's special menopause show with six men to explain to us how it works

Ahhhhhh, Pascal Praud! There's never one missing! A bit like the Cyril Hanouna of the over 50s. Well imagine that on October 18, 2023, this brave boy found nothing better to do than to produce a CNews program on menopause with six men to explain to us, the girls who don't understand anything about it, what it's like to no longer have your period and live with hot flashes. Ah well it’s great art eh, I told you! You have to see it to believe it (and especially to hear one of the famous experts explain to us that with his treatment for menopause “ the spouses are satisfied and the children too”…). Come on, in 2024, don't forget to keep your mouth shut.

The “period” medication sold more expensive than the “normal” even though it has exactly the same composition

Ah well, thank you to the pharmaceutical industry for this great gift! C CHRISTMAS EARLY OR KWA ? Take all my money, beat the yeuks of pain, all I want is a box of medicine that fits well with my rhinestone medicine cabinet.

Macron who shits on victims of gender-based and sexual violence in an interview by saying that Depardieu “makes the French proud” and that “we must stop the witch hunt”

He can't help himself either, as soon as there are women to belittle, he goes in with both feet while dancing kuduro. He proved it to us again on December 21, when interviewed by C to you regarding Depardieu (accused of rape and sexual assault by several women after the broadcast of a Supplementary Investigation about him), he declared that he was a “great admirer of Gérard Depardieu” and that the latter made “proud France”. If there is one thing that I am proud of, it is to have no family ties with Emmanuel Macron because I have vomited 17 times in my mouth since the broadcast of these gibbish remarks.

At the same time, poor Manu is not being helped, look, it's all the fault of his crappy official store which influences his way of thinking about men and women

Yes, ladies, if you want products branded “Élysée”, you can only have jewelry, accessories and scents! Watches, gastronomy and pétanque are reserved for men, for real people, for those who like cars. It's written there, read carefully!

Le Figaro who goes ouin-ouin

If you have Figaro in your field of vision, two options are available to you: either wipe yourself with it because the grain of the paper makes it a very good PQ which is a great pleasure to wipe yourself with, or use it to dampen the tears of sexist, racist, homophobic people – that is, the entire editorial staff of Le Figaro – as soon as a slightly left-wing event occurs. Yes, because it only took them one day after International Women's Day to publish an article worthy of a dumpster on the supposed “worrying inequalities” what men in the West would experience. Lol, please stop, my ribs hurt.


The aisles of DIY stores are always a beacon of charming finds.

The pension reform which penalizes women more than men, wow, we are too spoiled to top life

In any case, this is what Franck Riester confirmed during an interview on Public Senate in January 2023: “Women, to reach their contribution period, use quarters validated per child in particular […]. Obviously, if you raise the legal age, they are penalized a little”. Afterward, he apologized, saying, “ We never said that everyone would be a winner”, so frankly, can we blame him, pff I don’t think so no!! It's just bad luck for the 52% of the French population who were born without a pair of big buliches to establish their domination.

Manon Lanza victim of sexist harassment after a Formula 4 accident, as if any idiot could drive these machines

I'm probably not telling you anything, but during the GP Explorer 2 organized by Squeezie, YouTuber Manon Lanza violently hit Miaxime Biaggi's car with her vehicle, forcing them to abandon. But letting her get away with just her injuries was obviously too easy. As a result, thousands of people decided to harass her on the networks based on sexist jokes like “Woman at the wheel, dead at the turn” (lol well taken JP the busted ass joke about zoulettes) and hateful messages. Great to read when you're in the tsais hospital. Note also that many YouTubers present at the event took a lot of time to react to denounce this harassment and that some had to be grabbed by the collar for us to hear them whisper “Uuuuh yes no but It’s not very good what you’re doing there actually.” Fatigue, weariness and the desire to puncture tires.

Even during the Rugby World Cup, we can be sexist with Hyper U t-shirts

It's like football, if the girls watch, it's obviously just for Griezman's beautiful ball and not for the passion of offside nor the consecutive defeats of OL. What would be missing if they started drinking booze and yelling “Toss the referee”, pfff!

Darmanin's brilliant invention in May 2023: flyers against violence against women, what genius ptn

Ah well, that one has some savvy! What could be better to stop feminicides, rapes and attacks against women than a little note that reminds you that it is prohibited by law and that you expose yourself to serious problems like receiving a slap on the wrist and spend 10 minutes at the corner. No, but without kidding, name me a single attacker who will say “Ah sorry, sorry, I didn’t know” when we brandish a flyer in his face. By Darmanin, that’s for sure…

Guys not happy with the Barbie movie because for once, the main character is a woman

Yes, unsurprisingly, men with close to zero feminism were the first to lose their temper. barbie out of fear for their virility (Le Figaro also, in case you were wondering). Whether we liked the film or not, the problem with these criticisms is that they were, as usual, based on a rather boring sexist vision of society. In their argument, there were accusations of misandry as well as propaganda (there was also the word “woke”, obviously). In short, always a lot of woo-woo for nothing from those who feel threatened as soon as a guy with big pecs isn't the main character.

Yves Calvi who does not hesitate to be very sexist when he talks about Sophie Binet, the president of the CGT

April 2023, journalist Yves Calvi receives on his set at BFMTV the confederal president of the CFE-CGC, François Hommeril, during a meeting in Matignon on pension reform between Elisabeth Borne and the social partners. So far, nothing alarming. But when François Hommeril was discussing a disagreement with Sophie Binet, the president of the CGT, over the time that should be devoted to this meeting at the Élysée, good old Yves Calvi couldn't help but ask “And you calmed her down?” » speaking of Sophie Binet. Thank God, François Hommeril put him in his place with his paternalistic comment by telling him that his “question was very inappropriate”. AND BAM !

When you have to bend sheet metal with your breasts otherwise it's not selling

Afterwards, if anyone has a precise definition of what sexy folded sheet metal is, I'm interested.

This charming store that sells computer equipment “mainly for men”

O NAN KOMAN WHAT DO I FEEL TO WORK MOA??? Well, no choice, I call my husband… “Hello, man of the house? Yes, it's for you to come and click on the computer mouse please. I don't have the right, it's for real virile men with balls the size of a festoche ecocup. »

Christian Poiret who thinks he is smarter than the others with his sexist remarks like a big macho bitch towards his fellow advisor

At the end of January 2023, the Northern Departmental Council meets to examine the 2023 budget. Céline Scavennec, environmental advisor, intervenes to explain that she finds the budgetary guidelines report very “techno” and therefore incomprehensible to citizens. And this is where Christian Poiret, the president of the said Council, illustrates himself in all his crude sexism by responding to him: ” It will be alright ! (cc Gérald Darmanin) The day you are perhaps, I don't know, a member of parliament or something else, at that point it will be a little more techno all the same… But I understand that it will take you a little more than six years to understand the document. But I think that after six years you will understand, you will see, but it takes a bit of skill in the position of departmental advisor”. 20/20 in paternalism the bug. Luckily, the counselor was able to put him back in his place a few hours later, and it's quite satisfying to see.

Cabaïa who normalizes the fact that a guy chooses the outfits his girlfriend should wear

“Hey, my boyfriend packs my suitcase and forbids me from taking heels and backless dresses on weekends with friends because he's so fragile that he's afraid other guys will see that I have feet and a back. Too cute to be such a shit hihihihi. » Ads like that in 2023, as in 2024, are ciao bye la capuelo. Go look elsewhere if we're there in Cabaïa, with your backpacks for 90 bricks there!

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