Top 16 real names of reality TV candidates, shocking but salutary information

Hey tomorrow is Christmas, it’s 4 p.m. and if you really have nothing else to do with your life (like for example wrapping your presents or buying others in extremis), you can read this incredibly rewarding top which should make you grow morally, spiritually but also physically (I personally gained 2 cm by writing it).

1. Kim Glow in Les Marseillais = Sophie Laune

Future Nobel Peace Prize winner, this formidable Kim Glow also owes everything to her finely chosen pseudonym which allows her, as we see in the photograph below, to carry a jar of cream while writing her autobiography whose title will be “Elegance goes through the hair, do not neglect any detail”.

2. Mickaël Vendetta = Mickaël Adon

Adon, Adon… Yet Adon didn’t sound so bad, but it’s true that it didn’t sound enough Mickaël Vendetta. Finally less than “Mickaël Vendetta” necessarily.

3. Adixia in Les Chtis = Adeline Romaniello

Where the girl is fortiche is that she managed to choose as a nickname a blase even more rotten than her original name. But we must recognize that with a little onomastic analysis, we recognize the Latin root of the word “addiction” which most certainly supposes that Adixia, we are downright addicted to it.

4. Olympe in The Voice = Joffrey Boulanger

And it’s true that Joffrey Boulanger sounds less mythological than blasé. But if you like baguettes and apple turnovers, it can be a very advantageous name in the world of sourdough flour.

5. Ginie in Secret Story = Virginie Philippot

Would she be a distant cousin of Florian Philippot? Vast mystery. My extensive research carried out on the Google search engine does not seem to establish any correlations between this resourceful young woman and Marine Lepen’s ex-boyfriend.

6. Milla Jasmine in The Rest of the World = Marie-Charlotte Germain

The distinction of the lady is maximum as evidenced by her original first name which expresses courtesy, respect for mothers and above all the aroma of vanilla soap that would have been microwaved.

7. Nehuda in The Angels = Léa Jérôme

A name very different from her nickname, which does not however explain why this woman looks so unnatural when she waits for the door to be opened to her.

8. Vanessa Lawrens in The Angels = Vanessa Laurence

No, but Vanessa, you think you’re stylish when your last name is rotten/10. Vanessa Laurence, of course, does it sound like we haven’t understood your little game? We see you trying to pass yourself off as a little less stylish Americano.

9. Fiji in The Rest of the World = Zohra Fiji Micheline Ruiz

Yeah well ok, we understand why she wanted to shorten the suffering of the people who spoke to her. It’s also true that it was risky to be called Micheline to break into reality TV. We understand the move.

10. Paga in Les Marseillais = Anthony Paggini

He made a good pair with Adixia when they were a couple. Imagine you’re invited to their wedding and when the mayor says the vows, you find out that they’re actually not the same people at all. The shock.

11. Shanna Kress in Les Marseillais = Alicia Cres

Nah but it’s true, she’s right, Alicia is less street than Shana. And back then street cred was an official marker of swag.

12. Louane Emera in The Voice = Anne Peichert

But why ?? Finally I mean, it’s very good Anne, what’s the point of changing to a first name that has nothing to do with yours??

13. Jazz Correia in The Villa of Broken Hearts = Jazmin Lanfranchi

We kindly give our approval for the nickname but then for the name, what happened?? You don’t have to choose a name like that when you can change your name.

14. Afida Turner = Lesly Mess = Hafidda Messai

Always stronger than everyone, Afida Turner won the crazy bet to have a nickname in the nickname. She thus becomes the first human being to have a meta-pseudo questioning the laws of gravity.

15. Vincent Shogun = Vincent Cohen Szewczyk

Not very shogun tonight, this little name Vincent… But we grant him, he would have wasted more time trying to explain to people how to pronounce it than shouting “Shooooogun toniiiight”.

16. Sarah Fraisou = Sarah Chouiekh

We really liked Chouiekh… It looks like great, it was great! While Fraisou, well, we want to be mean, huh, but that reminds us a bit of the instrument your dentist uses to eliminate your cavities. Forgive us.

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