Top 16 photos of science applied to everyday life

From our high school classes, we all remember the experiments in chemistry, physics and SVT. And, even if it was very nice, we still thought a little that it was not very useful. The years passed, we matured, we left home with mom and dad, we discovered alcoholism, love, taxes, and casually it changed our view of the world. Now, when we see a bit of science expressing itself on a daily basis in the little things around us, we say to ourselves that it’s still super cool and that we would like to know how it all works.

1. The window space in this bedroom created a natural dark bedroom

The camera obscura was the first prototype to project an image onto a surface, one of the first steps towards photography. For that, you needed a black box in which you drilled a hole, and that’s what happened naturally here.

2. Both bulbs burned out but did not turn the same color

The white would have burned and the filament would have broken, resulting in a deposit of phosphorus or calcium on the glass. In the dark, air must have penetrated, which caused the filament to burn, releasing carbon. Black, carbon, suddenly.

3. The frost held where the shadows cast

Well, there, a priori, you know how it works.

4. The seeds of this tomato have started to sprout

We see them pushing through the skin like little aliens in the belly of a poor innocent.

5. Apparently Coke and Fanta don’t mix

In class, we did that with water and oil, but it’s really less good.

6. This old perfume bottle glows when illuminated with black light.

It is made of uraline, a glass in which uranium has been added. Very stylish.

7. This is what happens when you burn wood at high voltage

Electricity draws a tree in the wood, it’s super damn good nature.

8. The difference between concrete and lime mortar

If the bricks are breaking in the photos, it’s because they used concrete to glue them together instead of using lime mortar. The concrete is too strong, so when the building moves just a little, the bricks crack.

9. A little reminder on volumes thanks to a Christmas decoration

The amount of snowflakes is the same in both photos, but depending on the direction in which you tilt the decor, you think there are more or less. It’s all about volume as you understood because you were paying attention in school.

10. In night vision, this Tigger plush loses its stripes

It’s immediately less tiger.

11. White light perfectly decomposed into a rainbow

The glass created a prism that allowed the different colors to be deflected.

12. Glass can melt in the microwave

Better to use pyrex.

13. This is what happens when a frog eats a firefly

Come on now we want to see the reverse please.

14. When water gets very very cold

To have this result, the water must freeze very quickly with a sudden temperature change.

15. The result when lightning strikes the sand

The sand instantly hardened under the effect of the heat. These are called fulgurites.

16. And there it is still the effect of lightning, but on a golf course

He made the hole in one.

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