Top 16 of the worst challenges of the 2010s, humanity is going badly

The 2010 decade celebrated more than ever social networks, memes, selfies, shares, likes, followers… and challenges. Because even if it means recounting your life up and down and across as much as giving yourself challenges, and even if it means giving yourself challenges, as long as they are rotten challenges. We list below the worst of the worst of the worst instagram challenges.

1. The most scientific: the “Ice and Salt Challenge”

With this stupid challenge, you will at least have the opportunity to learn that salt added to ice cream lowers the temperature by 20°C. And so by putting salt on your skin and then applying an ice cube, you can also burn yourself in the 2nd degree and have pretty blisters. Awesome no?

Level of stupidity: 12/20, because the ice is anesthetic so you don’t necessarily realize the harm you are doing.

2. The one who sets the fire the most: the “Fire challenge”

As its name suggests, the fire challenge plays with fire. The principle consists of spraying a person with flammable liquid and setting him on fire. MDRRRRR. This is a good trick for having fun with friends and forging very strong bonds of affinity.

Level of stupidity: 20/20. It goes to jail.

3. The one who veils his face: the “Birdbox Challenge”

Inspired by the film of the same name (you know this rotten film with Sandra Bullock where the planet is invaded by mysterious monsters which, when you look at them, transform into your greatest fear which forces people to walk around blindfolded) , this challenge consisted in the same way of moving over a given distance with a blindfold on. Why don’t we try to cross the ring road?

Level of stupidity: 15/20. The myopic, presbyopic and astigmatic foundation approves.

4. The most eco-responsible: the “Shell on Challenge”

With this deliciously funny challenge, all you have to do is impress your friends by eating food with its packaging! Ideal for no longer having to sort your waste!

Level of stupidity: 14/20. Because it’s super beautiful this dedication to reduce waste production.

5. To smell good in your mouth: the “Tide Pod Challenge”

If the previous challenge did not convince you, you can let yourself be tempted by this challenge which pushes the limits of self-discovery (ideal for discovering yourself) and challenge yourself by chewing on laundry capsules.

Level of stupidity: 17/20. Contrary to popular belief, washing powder does not clean the inside of the body.

6. The most inflated: the “Kylie Jenner Challenge”

Kylie Jenner is known for her mouth swollen like a balloon. If the young talented self-made-woman declared that her lips were 100% natural, she gave rise to great ambitions in young girls envious of this sticky tire as a mouth orifice. The Kylie Jenner Challenge was born. Simply place a glass or bottle over your mouth and suck in the air for a sucking effect that rushes blood into your lips and creates absolutely filthy swelling. Filthy, but fashionable.

Level of stupidity: 19/20. Mem sil fau suffere for beautiful beech!!!!! ^^

7. The one who fights the most against STDs: the “Condom Challenge”

When you want to drown but you can’t swim, there are solutions. All you have to do is put a condom filled with float on your little head and thus give the impression that your head is in a jar. Have fun removing it afterwards.

Level of stupidity: 19/20. Buy a goldfish.

8. The most aesthetic: the “Polish Mountain Challenge”

If you don’t give a damn about your life and you’ve exhausted all the Angels of Reality TV replays, here’s a great trick to pass the time: put on some nail polish. Wait for it to dry. Then put your nail polish back on. Wait for it to dry. And repeat the maneuver until you get a mountain of colored varnish on your nails. After that, you can say that you have succeeded in your life.

Level of stupidity: 9/20. It’s not very dangerous, but frankly it’s really stupid.

9. The one for Vertical limit fans: the “Extreme Phone Pinching Challenge”

If you’re tired of sharing the same vacation photos as everyone else, you can spice up your Instagram posts by taking a picture of your hand holding a phone (very expensive if possible) by the corner, so that we shudder with fear at the idea that you lose it in the void.

Level of stupidity: 20/20. Personally, I tried with a toaster, it was much more challenging.

10. Globally, the dumbest slimming challenges on earth

Regarding the challenges that encourage extreme thinness, I bring them all together here, there are so many… Between the iPhone 6 Challenge which consists of tucking your knees behind an iPhone 6, the A4 Waist Challenge which consists in showing that we are narrower than the width of an A4 sheet, the Collarbone Challenge where you have to put things (like coins) in the hollow between the neck and the collarbone, the Belly button challenge where you have to reach your navel by passing your right arm behind your back (very difficult to reproduce at home), the Reverse praying challenge to pray upside down with the hands in the back as high as possible in the back. Alright, I’ll stop there. If you can’t meet these challenges, good for you.

11. The one who doesn’t ride that well: the “#InMyFeelings Challenge”

If you are not afraid of death, this challenge is made for you. It simply consists of getting out of a moving car and dancing next to the open door to the song “In my feelings” by Dake. In addition to causing quite serious injuries, this challenge has resulted in a lot of car accidents. Trust me, if he were dead, Drake would be turning in his grave.

Level of stupidity: 21/20, made there as much directly running on a highway.

12. The one that makes you want to sneeze the most: the “Condom-snorting challenge”

Another challenge that will give you a good little craving: the “Condom-snorting challenge” consists of sucking a condom with your nose and taking it out through your mouth. New or used, it’s up to you what you prefer to choke on.

Level of stupidity: 12/20: young people today have not understood anything about how contraception works.

13. The one who fucks the female dog: the “Momo challenge”

You can skip this paragraph if you are the type to urinate on yourself in fear at night. This challenge consists of talking to an anonymous interlocutor named Momo (by finding his number on social networks) whose face makes you want to water your eyes with citric acid. This Momo then gives more and more dangerous challenges to achieve, until suicide. A beautiful and friendly person.

Level of stupidity: 16/20, in fact it just makes me want to sleep with my mother this story.

14. The one that has nothing to do with a very cute whale: the “Blue Whale Challenge”

Another macabre challenge that killed nearly 130 people in Russia. It consists of taking up 50 increasingly depressing and morbid challenges (getting up to listen to sad music, sitting on the edge of a bridge, scarifying oneself), with supporting evidence, until suicide. Very unhealthy as we like.

Level of stupidity: Terrible/20. No further comment.

15. The hottest boiling: the “Hot water challenge”

If you ever get a bit chilly this winter, do this challenge right away (no): it simply consists of pouring boiling water over your body or that of your loved ones. Because it’s true that boiling water is not at all dangerous, third degree burns, pff, anything.

Level of stupidity: 20/20, no thanks for the little thrill of terror.

16. The one who doesn’t have time: the “72 hour game”

A fun challenge that will please all Darons: the 72-hour game consists of disappearing for 3 days without giving any news. Yes, it’s called running away. And if you get caught before your disappearance is complete, well, you have to start over. It’s the harsh law of no one’s challenges.

Level of stupidity: 14/20, we have no idea to cause such inky blood to his parents.

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