Top 16 memories we all have with our college diaries, the good old days

The start of the school year has already passed for some time, and yet, we keep rehashing our memories of SVT classes and rethinking the memories we kept of our Spanish classes. As a result, we saw each other again 10 years (20 years? 30 years? 70 years?) earlier scribbling things in our diary, this little book that contained more information about our lives than our family booklet. Oh the nostalgia…

2. Spend 30 hours customizing it before back to school because you’re so unique, you see

When you had finally decided to take a simple diary to pimp it your way (but not a Student because in fact, it was way too expensive) came the time for customization. And there, it was better than at the Beaux-Arts, I can tell you. Send your best photos of diaries made-in yourself in the comments that we all laugh a lot together.

3. Draw dicks in the neighbor’s agenda

That was the step just before the battle of pencil strokes that often ended in completely crossed out pages.

4. Find old corners to tear everywhere

Hundreds of them in your pencil case, at the bottom of your backpack, on the top of your slice of jam… Well, you’ll tell me, it was mainly the cleaners who had to bang all those little pieces to pick up in the classes, band of ingrates that we were.

5. Put the date of your birthday on other people’s calendars so that they remember it

It was the ancestor of Facebook, after all.

6. Adopt a color code and a beautiful writing at the beginning of the year

Color code and beautiful writing that you gave up after two weeks because you didn’t have time to write well in your diary if you wanted to be the first to run to the canteen line when the bell rang .

7. Write down all the names of your teachers and the contact details of your parents at the beginning of your diary when it is useless

As if you were really going to register your average in all the subjects each term… Not to us in fact, not to us!

8. Write down your homework in abbreviations and remember what it means once you get home

At the same time, what idea to write “report sheet” and “quest. GF doc. ! What took you to do that huh, tell us!!

Top 16 memories we all have with our college diaries

9. Make drawings on the pages of holidays and vacations to express your joy

Based on giant hearts, “YOUPIIIII” written in neon everywhere and rough drawings of palm trees. Yes, I read your diaries.

10. Make flipbooks by drawing in the corners

It was often a man jumping on a trampoline, but it was still very creative! You did plastic arts in high school you, right?

11. Write silly stuff on the slices

Not the slices of sandwich bread, but the slices of the diary, on which were written mega inspiring philosophical quotes, like “YOLO”, to show the extent of his culture.

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12. Thinking it’s cool to have a Ben diary

That’s not cool. Not cool at all.

13. Record the days you have your period with a little secret symbol that only you know

No, it wasn’t a red heart at all, why do you say that???

14. Paste photos of your favorite stars of the year

For some it was Menelik, for others Nâdiya and for still others One Direction. We were young and innocent then.

15. Ask your friends to write little notes in it

Yes, they all ended in Big Bisous Bien Baveux. I disgust myself.

1664467886 399 Top 16 memories we all have with our college diaries

16. Spending half of her class drawing in it

Hours of training to get yelled at by your teachers to succeed in doing “THE S” with the six bars. But hours crowned by a success that allowed you to fish afterwards (not at all, but it would have been good).