Top 16 insults in Breton

As long as you spent a few holidays in Brittany (and you know full well that Brittany will one day conquer the rest of the world) in your early childhood, you have surely already heard the very famous “Koc’h” (“shit” ), “Torr-revr” (“trickster”), “Gast” and “Mab gast” (“Damn” and “son of”). Or maybe it only concerns me and my entourage was very vulgar, we don’t know. Still, if you want to win the Breton insults championship one day, you’re going to need a little more under the pedal. The competition with insults in chti and Marseille insults is serious.

1. Ever fall a zour (Bad water drinker)

Well we suspect it, is used if the person opposite has a little problem with the drink, and God knows it happened quickly. If you want to add more: Barriken didalet (Smashed barrel), Sac’h don (Deep bag) and Gourlañchenn frank (Throat Large). And Labous noz (Night bird), because it’s pretty.

2. Leue brizh (Spotted calf)

Insinuates very clearly that the person targeted is not super smart-smart. Well, we knew that the cows weren’t big names, we also imagine that just out of their mother’s womb, that doesn’t help. On the other hand why the fact of being spotted would be an aggravating factor, we do not know.

3. Azen gornek (Horned Donkey)

Anyone see what it is?

4. Chaoker laou kriz (Raw lice chewer)

The guy is very, very stingy. And, this entailing that, you can go one better with Kein treut (Lean back). Lice don’t feed your man.

5. Sac’h panez (Parsnip bag)

To give more weight to your diatribe, it still sends more pâté than “shit bag”.

Picture credits: Topito

6. Kac’her er gwasked (the one who poops in the shelter)

Because someone who isn’t going to do his business behind the embankment like everyone else is still quite a lazy. And we insist, with the choice: Beuzelenn for cow dung (it’s true that it’s not very lively) or Louf torchenn, the one who farts on a cushion, and by extension, therefore, a fucking civil servant .

7. Moc’h badezet (baptized pigs)

To be directed against rude people who push you into the metro.

8. Penn dotu (butt shot head)

That means you’ve got a nice head of an asshole, motherfucker.

9. Hejer-e-doull (meaning he who shakes his hole)

It seems that it has to do directly with pretension. If he is young, you can also call him Beg yod (Mouth of porridge). Otherwise there’s always Marc’h kaoc’h (shitty horse – we don’t see the connection either).

10. Penn boultouz (monkfish head)

And to happily move the knife, there’s Penn garnel (bone head, if he’s bald), and Sac’h yod (porridge bag, if he’s coated). Finally, we don’t find it very nice to attack people on their physical appearance, but you do as you want.

11. Fri kreien (dry snot nose)

To leave when a brat hits you on the system. For the anecdote, Krien literally designates the gratin which is at the bottom of the baking dish. If you really want to make him cry, add Bontig kaoc’h, or little shitty plug.

12. Genoù krampouezh (pancake face)

Little classic from Brittany.

13. Krener-e-revr (i.e. the one whose ass is shaking)

If his foundation wiggles, it’s because he really wants to poop, because he’s a big freak. And if you’re the straightforward type, Toull foer (diarrhea hole). We’re not here to mess around.

14. Suner mouilc’hi trenket (Sour blackbird sucker)

We don’t know at all in what context to use it, but since it’s as violent as it is flowery, we like it. In the same genre you also have Takezenn, because it describes the last pancake made with the leftover dough, the one that looks like nothing. Or penn dotu (head to receive blows from the butt) because it is much more enjoyable than the banal head slaps and Moc’h badezet (baptized pigs) to address to rude people.

15. Chatal kornek (Horned Cattle)

Be a flock of cuckolds, if you feel like beating yourself up in a gang. If you hear Kalc’h-bihan or Toull ma revr in return, it’s because you’ve just been called Small dick and Hole in my ass. It’s time to go for it.

16. Beg Chopin (mouth to pint)

As a reminder, a pint is a beer glass as well as a measure of capacity for liquids. We immediately grasp the relationship with Brittany.

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