At Topito, you are aware that we like food because we constantly talk about regional specialties, such as specialties from the south-west, specialties from the Netherlands or even Italian specialties. Contrary to what one might think, the Germans also have a culinary art of their own. Even if it’s quite complicated to summarize German gastronomy since each Land has its own specialties, let’s say that the pork-cabbage-potato trio is quite present in each of the dishes. No more time to waste, we take out our best beer and read the top. Guten Appetite!


1. Kartoffel Salat

Those who learned German in college will certainly remember this word. A simple potato salad that we accompany with everything we want.

2. Brot

France is not the capital of bread, it is Germany! It has more than a hundred kinds. With all the flours, covered with all the seeds possible and imaginable, you will inevitably find a bread that suits you.

3. Sprotten

From its maritime coast to the north, the Germans also eat a lot of seafood such as anchovies, herring or even seafood.


4. Eisbein

Half of the meat consumed in Germany is pork, which is why you will find many pork-based dishes like this beautiful shank:

5. Maultaschen

A specialty of southwestern Germany, simple meat, spinach and onion ravioli that can be adapted to make salmon, mushroom or cheese ravioli.

6. Wurst

There are more than 1500 different kinds of sausages in Germany which can be classified into three categories: raw, boiled and cooked. You may prefer western knacks or southern whites.

7. Sauerkraut

Do we still need to introduce sauerkraut? Based on cabbage, potatoes and pork, this dish brings together the German gastronomic triforce!

8. Knödel

Large dumplings made from potatoes and breadcrumbs, originally originating from Hungary, they are found in particular in eastern Germany.

9. Nudeln

Also fond of pasta, the Germans also consume a lot of pasta by mixing it with bacon (Schinkennudeln) or even potatoes (Schupfnudeln) as just below.



10. Kasekuchen

Simply German cheesecake.

11. Strudels

We eat it in France today thanks to Marie-Antoinette who brought it back. If the people had known that at the time, they might not have cut off his head. But wait for the cream before eating it. (Inglorious Basterds represents)

12. Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte

It was in 1915 that Josef Keller invented the modern version of the “Black Forest”. The colors of the cake also represent the traditional costumes of the inhabitants of the eponymous region.


13. A huge beer (and even several…)

The average annual consumption of a German is 110L of beer. During Oktoberfest, 7 million liters are consumed.

14. Wine

A little less known for its wine, Germany can boast of producing very good whites such as Riesling or Muller-Thurgau. As is necessary for all tastes, you can also find reds:

15. Schnapps

The word schnapps refers to all spirits or in other words: everything that will gently tear your face off. A thought for the Jägermeister!

16. (bonus) Doner Kebab

Even if we owe the kebab to a Turkish immigrant who was inspired by ancestral recipes, he made it in Berlin in 1971. So we say thank you to the Germans for our best friend at night!

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