Top 16 foreigners who struggle with French, a language full of twists and turns

As French, we are very lucky (even if we have Patrick Balkany on our territory). Yes, because even if we struggled in Spanish and German classes, we will always be less in the sauce than the English who are trying to learn French. Who would like to be in their place frankly? Sorry for you English people and good luck!

1. “French is such a hard language to learn.” Wait to discover the verlan

2. Learning French so I can call Duolingo’s owl “La petit connasse verte” in several languages

3. Learning French really motivated me to live in the moment because I don’t know how to conjugate other verb tenses

4. I said I was fluent in French and after a year of lying on my CV, I was tested. The customer hung up on me because I spoke Creole instead

5. The 46GB of Games of Thrones that I downloaded are in French. I will learn french

6. When the words are a little too close phonetically

7. In French, we don’t say “underscore”, we say “dash, but not that of 6, the one at the very bottom there”, and I find that magnificent

8. Me after learning a French word

9. Learning French is just fun until you hear someone speak and you don’t understand anything lol

10. Me after successfully singing the French part of a song

11. In French, we don’t say “do you realize?” but “trencomte all the same” and I find it magnificent

12. My grandfather when he was learning French

13. Learning French without ever learning French, that’s the origins of my naughty life

14. Learning more about Canadian French

15. Learning French can be a bit difficult

16. While learning French, I had my daughter listen to a charming song by Brassens, which is about a gorilla. I just looked at the lyrics, and I decided that the French can’t be trusted

Yes, yes wand.

Via Twog.

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