Top 16 first names that are seen differently in France and Quebec, don’t pretend

When you think of Quebec, you think of those crazy things they have like Celine Dion, the snow, the caribou… But if there was only that! And yes, because first names are also one of those surprising things when you arrive in Quebec (after the incredible taste of poutine, but that’s another story). A crucial point to add in our France VS clash. Quebec in illustrations. Let the Manons be ready.

1. Lawrence

In France: fifty-year-old mum who loves Nordic walking and tagging her friends in Facebook posts.

In Quebec: student passionate about photography who manages the Insta account of an organic grocery store.

2. Jean-Philippe

In France: a wealthy fifty-year-old who talks badly to his children and wears an oversized Rolex on his wrist.

In Quebec: dynamic young thirty-something who likes to participate in the 5 to 7 of his club and go on snowshoeing outings.

3. Paulina

In France: economics student who would love to live in Berlin and wears Birkenstocks.

In Quebec: grandmother who cooks meat pie like no one else.

4. Nicholas

In France: young Parisian executive in his thirties, riding a scooter to go to his start-up dedicated to the web and having a Smeg fridge and stripped light bulbs at home.

In Quebec: young worker who smokes weed after his shift and wears hats that are a little too big even in summer.

5. Marie Catherine

In France: grandmother who votes Sarkozy and gives you too much chicken to eat at Sunday dinner.

In Quebec: Master of Law student who chairs a student committee and who is going to volunteer in Africa this summer.

6. Charles

In France: political science student living in Neuilly-sur-Seine and addressing his parents with his sleeveless down jacket on his back.

In Quebec: young employee who quickly gets drunk at office parties and who dreams of traveling to Europe.

7. Manon

In France: student in STAPS who only has boy friends, does tiktok choreos and leaves every year for the Greek islands.

In Quebec: 50-year-old businesswoman who is involved in the political life of her city and drinks macchiatos in her thermos.

8. Chris

In France: 20-year-old student in business school who has repeated his second, bottoms out on his beer and calls tits breasts.

In Quebec: almost non-existent because wearing a first name sounding like an insult (criss, you had it).

9. Veronica

In France: a sixty-year-old grandmother who is finishing a commercial career and orders gin and tonics on the terrace.

In Quebec: marketing student who aspires to create her own clothing brand and goes wild camping with friends in Gaspésie every summer.

10. William

In France: five-year-old child, from a boho Parisian family who only plays with wooden games and knows how to say “Perspective” in English.

In Quebec: a young student fresh from university who searches everyone to find a girlfriend and who shoots shotguns with his beer as soon as he goes out to a bar.

11. Louise

In France: 10-year-old girl who always raises her hand first in class and talks badly behind her friends’ backs at recess.

In Quebec: great-grandmother who always gave you $20 when you came to see her but now she can’t because she is in a seniors’ residence.

12. Timeo

In France: an 8-year-old brat who sticks his boogers in his girlfriends’ hair and makes his friends smell his sneakers.

In Quebec: does not exist and that’s good.

13. Genevieve

In France: fifty-year-old mother of your girlfriend who makes you Sarladaise potatoes as soon as you come to sleep at her place.

In Quebec: nursing student who loves to cook cupcakes and do manual activities.

14. Edward

In France: Prince Edward or the guy in Twilight, but that’s it.

In Quebec: kid who cries in your ears and runs everywhere in the shelves of Dollorama.

15. Maripier

In France: unknown to the battalion.

In Quebec: the most popular student in the bachelor’s degree in communication.

16. Xavier

In France: 30-year-old engineer who works in a computer start-up and goes rowing on weekends.

In Quebec: an 18-year-old guy who skateboards out of Cégep and drinks Budweiser from a can.

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