Top 16 cartoons on the left, those who smell like sarouel

As Karl Marx said, it is not enough to drive a left-wing car or to wear left-wing marks to be left-wing. No, to have the right to sing Brassens in a demonstration and to piss in the shower to save the planet, you have to have seen at least one of these left-wing cartoons. It’s the rule, otherwise you’ll be deprived of a week’s paid vacation and the right to listen to France Inter. It doesn’t mess around here.

1. Tom-Tom and Nana

The Dubouchons breathe the coco family, with the parents who manage a casual restaurant specializing in the “royal chouquette” and the children who live in education in the cool. And then you have to see how the rich characters are caricatured in this cartoon: gold bars.

2. Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig welcomed her first gay couple in September 2022, a sign of a good gaucho cartoon. And then all these different species of animals that live in harmony, respect and benevolence, isn’t that the values ​​of the left maybe?

3. Space Goofs

We are clearly on drugged squatters who spend their day naked in an old attic and who try as best they can to avoid reprisals from the tenants. If that’s not a hell of a metaphor for society, I don’t know what else to tell you.

4. Football 2 Street

A group of not very rich kids from different origins skips school to play football in Urbex and flees as soon as they see the police arrive. All this while trying to convince the inhabitants of their city that they have no reason to be wary of this activity. Say no more…

5. Lou

A slightly geeky single mother raises her daughter alone in an apartment with an original decor. While the daronne tries to write a book and frolics with a neighbor wearing a sheepskin vest, Lou lives her life as a schoolgirl between stalking her lover Tristan with her best Afro friend Mina, writing her diary and creating homemade clothes. That’s a lot of signs regarding the direction of the series anyway…

6. The Justices

Minijustice is clearly one of the most left-wing educational cartoons in left-wing history. At the same time, when we see children overcome the mockery of their comrades and accept their complex with so much swag by explaining to us how to be happy, we know which side we are on.

7. The Totally Spies

With the help of a near-retiree, badass girls thwart the diabolical plans of villains who try to dominate the earth and monopolize wealth at the expense of others. Hey, hey, does that remind you of anything??

8. The Ratz

Rats illegally boarded a boat fight for the division of the wealth on board as the crew members seek at all costs to make a fool of themselves and get rid of the two squatters. More obvious, we don’t.

9. Toupou

An abandoned teenager lives in the trees of a municipal park and takes the son of the town mayor with her in her stories, while escaping the authorities (aka the park warden). Dare to tell me that we are not on a left-wing cartoon!

10.Captain Planet

Gaïa, the soul of the Earth, in total peril due to pollution, asks five teenagers from different countries to help her defend the Earth against the dangers that threaten her. All together, they can summon an eco-superhero: Captain Planet. Yes, it looks like the scenario of a cartoon created by Sandrine Rousseau.

11. Yes-Yes

A series in 3,500 episodes that tells the eventful daily life of a taxi driver. We haven’t done better reporting since (look at him handing out presents to everyone in the credits, so that’s the redistribution of wealth??).

12. The Magic Bus

The only time when you don’t piss off a teacher (who nevertheless puts her students in danger) and when no parent of a stupid student comes to ask that her HPI kid skip a class.

13. The Smurfs

The story of a Zadist community that lives remotely in the forest, practices barter and feeds exclusively on mushrooms and sarsaparilla, sheltered from an evil man who wants to exploit them to rule the world. I don’t make the rules.

14. Welcome to the Louds

Lincoln, whose best friend is a boy adopted from a gay family, lives in a quietly raised family with his ten sisters. One plays with skunks and repairs cars, another plays rock n’ roll, another does American football, a fourth launches his career as a clown… Right-wing misogynists in PLS.

15. My friend the Marsupilami

The story goes that Mon ami le Marsupilami was created by Europe-Écologie-Les Verts to promote the preservation of endangered animal species. Well, don’t you think he has Yannick Jadot’s nose?

16. Hey Arnold!

A kid raised by his grandparents lives with 30 cats, 15 dogs and a pig in a boarding house and shares many adventures with all his friends from the local public school. Excuse me, but there it screams more left than left.

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