Top 16 Best Replies To Comments From Rich People Money Sounds Cool!

We already know that there are a lot of things to know about the rich, like that they have a lot of money, that they like to talk a lot about their lot of money, and that they don’t like to give their a lot of money. As a result, we had already had the opportunity to hear the anecdotes of the rich kids on Twitter who had amazed us, and there we are very happy to see that there are finally people who have risen to answer their parents.

1. Too bad to be poor

“Princess Charlotte already speaks two languages ​​at only 2 years old

– Like most immigrant children but I guess it’s less impressive when you’re poor”

2. Want to go live there!!!!!!!!!!

“The ingratitude with which so many Americans treat the gift of being born in the United States is sickening.

– Ah yes, the gift of exorbitant health care costs, daily mass killings, destroyed infrastructure, increasingly expensive tuition costs, and one of the greatest wealth disparities in the industrialized world. Thanks, America. »

3. Well yes, it makes sense

“It’s funny to see Democrats getting pissed off at Trump’s $54 billion in defense spending, when they had no problem when Sanders was spending $75 billion a year on education.

– It’s funny to see my wife getting mad at the samurai sword I bought for $54 when she didn’t give a damn about spending $75 on groceries”

4. It’s true that 8 is the right age

“With these handmade keychains that sell for $5 each, this 8-year-old boy got $4,015 to clear the canteen debt of the boys in his school and 6 others

– An 8-year-old boy has to do months of manual labor, so that his friends, who are CHILDREN, can eat in the canteen without having debt”

5. Don’t worry Ben, we don’t blame you

“What would you like to banish?” Wiley: sugary drinks, Donovan: food desert, neighborhoods with no parks, Morales: convenience stores with no fresh fruit, Yang: quads, Adams: schools with no farms or gardens, Garcia: the corn syrup, Stringer: junk food canteen meals, McGuire: health desert

– Note that no one said a crime

“Crimes are already banned, Ben. That’s why they are crimes. »

6. Meghan stop mytho!

“My neighborhood in Manhattan is totally gutted and it looks like a war zone. DeBlasio and Cuomo are a total disgrace. It’s not America. Our leaders have abandoned us and they continue to let the cities of America burn and be destroyed. I never would have thought that.

– Meghan, we live in the same building, and I just left my house. Everything is fine. »

8. I am FOR

“After 2 weeks of medicals and asking everyone to self-isolate, I surprised my inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were back to normal for a short time

– Please, can we tax the rich? »

9. Like what, everything depends on the formulation

“Young people these days want jobs and studies, not marriage or children

– Another way to put it: You have destroyed the economy so much that we cannot focus on marriage and children because we are already struggling to manage to live”

10. The rich really have the right tricks

“Not enough space in your apartment, but you love your building and you don’t want to leave? Buy the apartment next door to combine the two

– Are you struggling to make ends meet? Try to add money to your money. »

11. With a little bad faith, everything goes better

“Give $600 to a poor person and it’s gone in a week. Give $600 to a wealthy person and it’s multiplied 10 times in a few years or even less.

– Hey, let me enlighten you a bit. Give $600 to someone who has no money and they have no choice but to use it to survive. Give $600 to someone who is already living very well, and they can sit on it and give a damn. Seriously, are you really that dumb? »

12. The question everyone is asking!

13. They used to have the right to breathe, that’s all

“The Ellen DeGeneres show has increased its employee benefits following allegations of abuse. They now have: – paid time off when they go to the doctor, birthday days off and 5 paid days off

– But…it was…what…the…benefits…before…that??? »

14. Wow that makes you want to!

“Are you young and saving for a house? You may need to collect an inheritance.

“The sign of a super healthy economy is when you tell a whole generation to sit quietly and wait for their parents to die so they can start living. »

15. No Elon, there’s a misunderstanding

“Those who attack space don’t realize that space represents hope for so many

– No one is attacking space. We attack billionaires who have amassed vast fortunes on the backs of exploited employees by using those fortunes to have a dick-size contest instead of doing anything that might be minimally useful to humanity with their huge gains. »

16. It’s good to remember the basics

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