Top 15 worst wedding fails, the worst most beautiful day of our lives

It’s supposed to be the happiest day of our lives. We put all our savings + those of our parents + those of our cousins. Everything has to be perfect. And then boom. Everything collapses because of a big ball. A bitch even. Jimmy Fallon, our favorite American presenter at heart, once asked his tweeters to tell their marriage fails and it’s funny. We share with you here these wonderful anecdotes, some of which can undoubtedly be included in the pantheon of embarrassing wedding photos or quite simply the worst weddings in history.

1. The serene gaze

I thought my eyes were calm and rested when my wife came down the aisle. I discovered the true face that I had.

2. The Fatal Fall

Trying to be romantic, I wanted to carry my wife. Luckily, that was after she said yes.

3. The doublet

My husband’s best friend was so pleased, he spilled his wine glass all over me. I went to clean up and came back, my best friend was there. I told a joke and she spit her whole cup of coffee on my dress. It’s a picture of me in my bathroom cleaning myself up a second time.

4. The dumpling

I was the best man at my friend’s second wedding. I started my speech with “Nice to meet you all”. He was not happy.

5. The three grandmothers dressed the same

6. Another story of a dress on sale gone wrong

My colleague, my cousin and my mother are wearing the same dress.

7. Hot dog at a wedding? I do not see where the problem is

My dad had a $500 budget for food. When we got to the front desk, there was a $200 hot dog and nothing else. He told us later that he had saved the remaining $300 to buy a fridge to store the hot dogs.

8. When your brother kisses his new wife

9. There are families with creepy people

My mother-in-law came to my wedding in a wedding dress.

10. Reminder: give coffee to the priest

The priest fell asleep during the ceremony and froze on my wife’s name when he woke up.

11. It wasn’t lemonade…

There was an open bar at my sister’s wedding and I kept pouring myself more lemonade. I noticed that I was in a weird state at the end of the evening. It turns out that the waiter had put on alcoholic lemonade. I was 12 years old and my parents were not happy.

12. The General Collapse

My husband tried to hold back his grandmother who slipped while taking a picture. In the end, we all ended up on the ground.

13. And Crack

I danced so hard that I ripped my pants.

14. Reminder: give him coffee to the priest

My sister-in-law lit a candle and her dress started to catch fire. They managed to put out the fire quickly and she remained dignified until the DH played “Girl on Fire”.

15. The photo speaks for itself

Our photographer got us out first so the guests didn’t have to wait. I was in front, 3 steps up. My husband held onto me until we reached the top. He slipped, tore his pants. My dress was in perfect condition.

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