Top 15 worst mothers-in-law in history, much worse than yours

When you get into a relationship with someone, you usually also get to see their mother from time to time. And mothers-in-law, as comic tradition dictates, they are often rehired. But today we are going to show you that there is always MUCH WORSE than your own mother-in-law. Attention, even if one day you find yourself in the family of this kind of people, it is not a reason to kill your in-laws. This is inappropriate.

1. The mother-in-law who sends somewhat violent messages

“My mother-in-law has just served me this piece of cake” (it is written “die” on it, or “die” in French).

2. The mother-in-law who wants to ruin your marriage

“My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to come to my wedding. »

3. The selfish mother-in-law

“It’s because of my mother-in-law that you can’t find toilet paper in the supermarket anymore. Here is one of his 4 reserves. »

4. The mother-in-law who despises your job a little

The author of the post shows a letter sent by his mother-in-law where she tells what he does: “He always works at home doing anything on his computer”. Nice.

5. The conspiratorial mother-in-law

“My mom just told me we should hide the stimulus money we got under our mattress. Because we can’t let the government know we have this money by putting it in a bank.

_ Mmmh, the money that the government sent us? The money that the government put directly into our bank account? »

6. The mother-in-law who struggles with technology

“My mother-in-law complained that she couldn’t operate the coffee grinder. It’s a pencil sharpener. »

7. The mother-in-law who believes all internet trolls

The mother-in-law: “Is it true??? »

The image she shares: “Here’s what’s really in tattoo ink: rubella virus, tear gas, viper venom, rat poison, deadly Dihydrogen Monoxide ( water, what), anthrax flakes, 91.5% pure sin, addictions, etc. »

8. The mother-in-law who can’t fill a dishwasher

It wasn’t really complicated though.

9. The mother-in-law who ruins your meal

She ate all the skin of the turkey before serving it to the table

10. The mother-in-law who simply spoils

“My mother-in-law eats a bite of a new banana every morning and leaves the rest on the counter ‘in case anyone wants one'”

11. The simply HORRIBLE mother-in-law

_ Salvation ! Did you get the card I sent you for your birthday?

_ Not yet, I’ll check again, I’ll call you soon

_ I sent it to you last Tuesday. I will never forget you on your birthday. I hope you’re happy to let your wife come between us. I thought we were closer than that. I love you forever. Happy fucking birthday. I hope I die before next Christmas. No problem. »

12. The Way Too Naughty Stepmother

Someone received their Etsy package with a little handwritten note saying, “Thank you, enjoy. I hope my daughter-in-law packed it well. She can’t do anything with her ten fingers. Peggy. »

14. The one who knows how to spoil her stepchildren

“My mother-in-law gave me a pack of my favorite water for our housewarming party. »

The word: “Merry Christmas. Ah yes and happy housewarming. »

15. The maniacal mother-in-law

“This is how my mother-in-law cleans and wipes her vegetables for Thanksgiving”

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