Top 15 words not to be confused, even if they look a lot alike

If I tell you: Spanish cold soup and Nazi police, do you make the connection? No ? This is normal, initially, it has no relation. Finally, it was the case until Marjorie Taylor Grenne took the floor… During a speech, broadcast live, the American deputy, pro-trump, hits a big poster by confusing the words “Gestapo” and ” Gazpacho “. Wanting to criticize the police methods of the Democratic leader of the congress, she denounced “Nancy Pelosi’s gazpacho police. ” AH AH AH AH. We can’t get over it.

1. Gestapo / Gazpacho

Gestapo: political police of Nazi Germany (not fun at all)

Gazpacho: super delicious cold soup (fun)

Do not confuse: enjoy a gestapo in summer (NO) / enjoy a gazpacho in summer (refreshing)

2. Gulag / Goulash

Gulag: forced labor camp of the Soviet Union (really not fun)

Goulash: Hungarian beef soup (medium fun, not super good)

Do not confuse: “I love the gulag” (impossible) / “I love the goulash” (why not)

3. Incest / insect

Incest: sexual intercourse between people of the same kinship (horrible)

Insect: small six-legged invertebrate animal (FRO. It depends if it’s a small ladybug or a big grasshopper what)

Do not confuse: being afraid of incest (normal) / being afraid of insects (small natures)

4. Tsunami / Tiramisu

Tsunami: ocean wave caused by an earthquake or volcanic eruption, causing huge waves. (Not fun at all. Often dramatic, even)

Tiramisu: Italian dessert made with coffee, sugar, ladyfingers and mascarpone. (YUM)

Do not confuse: eat a tsunami (in the face) / eat a tiramisu (at the restaurant)

5. Holocaust / Choice

Shoah: “Catastrophe”, in Hebrew. Term that designates the massacre of 6 million Jews by Nazi Germany and the collaborators. (ATROCIOUS)

Choice: freedom to decide between several possibilities. (Stylish, except for the struggling scales.)

Do not confuse: “I am not a balance, I do not participate in the Holocaust” / “I am a balance, I do not make choices. »

6. Diarrhea / Tiare

Diarrhea: (very) soft poo. (YUCK)

Tiare: flower (more pleasant to smell)

Do not confuse: “You smell good diarrhea” (not very nice) / “You smell good Tiare” (very nice)

7. Abortion / Stag Do

Abortion: Voluntary termination of pregnancy. (Can be a particularly difficult time)

EVG: Bachelor party (Can be a particularly nice moment)

Do not confuse: “I have an abortion with friends this weekend” (support is important, anyway) / “I have a stag do with friends this weekend (and a lot of alcohol in my blood Monday) “

8. Poutine / Poutine

Putin: Vlad. The Russian President. (Frightening)

Poutine: Quebec dish made with fries and cheese (Yummy)

Do not confuse: “I ate a poutine” / “Poutine ate me” (both are possible). Also works for: “J’aime Poutine” / “J’aime la poutine” (Not the same effect in society).

9. Guantánamo / Guacamole

Guantánamo: sadly famous American detention center, created after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Symbol of the human rights attacks perpetrated by the USA within the framework of its fight against terrorism. (Very bad vibes)

Guacamole: Preparation made from mashed avocado, tomatoes, onions and spices. To share between cops with nachos! (Very good vibes)

Don’t confuse: “You don’t have a lawyer for Guantanamo? » (not sure we’ll answer you) / « You don’t have a lawyer for my guacamole? (Yes, of course, you want cumin too??)

10. Bury / Inhale

Bury: bury a human body/bury (often sad and painful)

Inhale: absorb through the respiratory tract, inhale (convenient for living. Pleasant, after a covid.)

Do not confuse: “I buried my great aunt” (we send you our condolences) / “I inhaled my great aunt” (hardly possible, no matter the size of your nostrils)

11. Conspiring / Constipated

To conspire: to unite secretly to overthrow a regime or a person (it plots dry)

Constipated: unpleasant moment in the toilet, linked to poo (hihihihi)

Don’t confuse: “I’m conspired” (it doesn’t make sense) / “I’m constipated” (courage)

12. Masseur / My Sister

Masseur: person who practices massage professionally (delighted)

My sister: another daughter of my parents (delighted, always)

Do not confuse: “I am a masseur” (+ 10 pt on Tinder) / “I am my sister” (which only works if you are Siamese, and again)

13. Herpes/Hermes

Herpes: viral, contagious and recurrent disease, characterized by the appearance of blisters (vesicle) (DEGUEU)

Hermès: luxury brand (less yucky)

Do not confuse: “I caught a herpes in second-hand clothes” (possible, but super dirty) / “I caught a Hermès in second-hand clothes” (you have the eye!)

14. Lelandais / The Landais

Lelandais: French criminal accused of several crimes (a horrible guy).

The Landais: inhabitants of the Landes (cool guys, except those who come from Bordeaux… Toulouse in the heart).

Do not confuse: The Landais people walk in the Landes forest (very pleasant) / Lelandais people walk in the Landes forest (with a shovel and a pickaxe).

15. Cancer / Concert

Cancer: malignant tumor caused by an anarchic multiplication of cells. (The disease of the century, and it’s very sad.)


Do not confuse: “This cancer was really too stylish” (unless you talk about the sign of the zodiac, it does not pass) / “This concert was really too stylish” (so it was not that of Patrick Sébastien)

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