Top 15 weirdest things teachers confiscate in class

If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed at school since its invention, it’s that teachers love to confiscate the more or less cool stuff that students bring back to class. They’re probably doing this to build up a big war chest, and we think that’s enough now. It’s time to expose their shenanigans to the world, and that’s why we asked you on Facebook and Twitter to share with us the weird stuff that your teachers have confiscated from you. Let’s get the truth out.

1. Julien and his Christmas story

Our opinion : But NO we want to know us NOW!

2. Coralie and her breeding

“Earthworms that I had put in a canvas purse because I wanted to bring them back for my hens. The country schools are not so comprehensive must believe. »

Our opinion : A minute of silence for these poor hens who were deprived of dinner.

3. @LafilledAvril and his police

Our opinion : For those who might have bugged, the gendarmes are insects. We never know huh.

4. Laura and her myopia

“My second year maths teacher (who was also my main teacher) had confiscated my eyeglasses and excluded me from class “for having cleaned his glasses instead of copying the course” Ah well, without glasses I was not ready to copy his shitty lesson”

Our opinion : Did you manage to find the principal’s office to complain?

5. Olivier and his smokers

Our opinion : Next step, barbecue at the back of the class.

6. Blandine and her teacher who doesn’t care

“A tampon that had fallen out of my bag… Supposedly I was playing with it. He never gave it back to me”

Our opinion : We are very curious to know what he was able to do with it.

7. Maryon and her scary students

Our opinion : In your place, we would have immediately had this kid exorcised. By acquired conscience.

8. Ophelia and her geese

“A hand-made game of goose with paper dice and everything done during the philosophy class”

Our opinion : We will only quote Nietzsche: “The real man wants two things: danger and play.” Apparently this one wanted YOUR game.

9. Melo and his business

Our opinion : And presto, a career as an artist nipped in the bud. Thank you National Education.

10. Antoine and his sardines

“My English teacher had confiscated my book, because I was reading after finishing the assessment, she told me that I was going to finish sardine can counter in a supermarket. She gave me back my book at the same time as the evaluation I had 19.75/20 she had taken away 0.25 because I wrote my name in French “Name First name” instead of “First name Last name ” … “

Our opinion : Good after that is not a reason to tell it Antoine, we also know our irregular verbs huh.

11. Piero and his cell phone

Our opinion : Uh is it possible to get this marvel somewhere? It’s for a friend.

12. Dada and his alcoholic students

“The most absurd thing I confiscated: a gourd whose cap had been pierced with a compass to plant scoubidous in it to make straw and the whole class block used it for an aperitif party. »

Our opinion : The Covid likes it.

13. Monsieurolive and his childhood trauma

Our opinion : Gifts from Scrooge Mag are sacred, they can’t be stolen. You should file a complaint.

14. Kenzo and his precious treasure

“A caddy token”

Our opinion : These little things are precious, we understand that he was jealous to see you own one.

15. Emili and her birthday not phew

Our opinion : He should have confiscated your table neighbor especially. The motherfucker.

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