Top 15 very cool expressions that we should steal from Bretons, stylish people

There are regional expressions that we should all use because they are funny or because there are no synonyms. In the lot (not the mdr department), there are Breton expressions that we would like to popularize because they deserve a little more attention.

1. Gast

Gast is a Breton swearword that can be used instead of “whore” but also to express surprise; you can say gast instead of saying “oh the cow! “.

Example : “Oh gast we already have almost no more beers! »

2. Gossip

Here is an expression that is only used in Brittany and that only the Bretons know: “se traler”. It is a verb used especially by children to say “to break the mouth”. When a child says he dragged himself, he fell full length on the ground and possibly scratched himself.

3. Yec’hed mat

“Yec’hed mat” is a Breton phrase pronounced “yermat” and used when toasting; it’s the Breton “tchin-tchin”. If we cut the word, we understand easily: yec’hed means health and mat means good or well.

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4. Pocket

If someone says you’re a poch, it’s because you must have a descent that we don’t want to ride a bike. Poch is the diminutive of pochtron; he is therefore a drunkard. In Brittany, it is unfortunately a word that is used too often.

Example : “It’s a real poch your brother, he just got the bottle of Jack”

5. It’s going to distribution

If you spent the morning in police custody because you tried to steal a sheep in a field, it’s because the evening went to distribution. It’s a very cute word to say that it goes to the balls and it absolutely must have its place in the dictionary.

6. Name of God

There are many patois expressions that use the name of God and when they were used daily, it was blasphemous. Today, we use expressions like “Name of diou” or “Vain dieu” from time to time to express surprise.

Example : “Damn it, but is it still raining? The laundry will never dry…”

7. How is it?

In Brittany, it can happen that instead of saying “How are you?” or “What’s up?” », someone asks you « How is it? (or rather “How is it?”). If you don’t know how to answer this question, just say “quiet and you? »

Top 15 very cool expressions that we should steal from

8. Yawn someone

Certain expressions do not exist throughout Brittany. For example, the expression “bailler somebody” to say “next somebody” is mainly used in Ille-et-Vilaine. You can use this word when someone has drunk you to say that you are moving on.

Example : “But why don’t you fuck this guy?” He honestly has no interest.

9. A-dreuz

When something is A-dreuz, it is completely wrong. It’s an expression that can be used literally, to say that your hat is badly put on, as well as figuratively. If you say you were A-dreuz last night, you were completely drunk.

10. The wouelle

To hit the wouelle is to hit the shame. But like, really good shame. Even more so than when your mother caught you giving a speech alone, naked in front of your mirror.

Example : “Hahaha Gwendal tripped over Kelig, wow! »

11. Of which

Dont (with a mute T) is not really a word or an expression, it is rather an onomatopoeia which is placed at the end of the sentences when one is annoyed.

Example : “But after all, that’s not how you open a beer! »

12. Gouelle

A gouelle is an invented word, derived from the word gull, to designate a person who eats a lot and quickly. If you’re told you’re a gull, it’s because you’re a glutton and you eat like a gull.

Top 15 very cool expressions that we should steal from

13. This

“Cui-ci” is the shortened version of “this one”, it’s more of an accent than a word in its own right. As with “whose”, we often use it when we are annoyed.

Example : “But what else did he do here?” He messed up the car or am I dreaming? »

14. Madoue

Madoué is still an expression which means “my god” but it is generally not used as a swear word against someone. Rather, it is a sign of “fed up” or general annoyance. We sometimes add “benniget” behind, which means “My blessed god”.

15. Torr Penn

This is a word usually used by old people to refer to a child who is a pain in the neck. If your kid won’t calm down and is screaming all over the place, we can say he’s a torr-penn.

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16. BONUS: The binouze

THIS IS GOOD BEER! We are very happy that the rest of France is starting to adopt this melodious word.

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