Top 15 urbex places in Ile-de-France

In recent years, the exploration of abandoned places (the urbex, when we want to abbreviate) has become a real phenomenon. It often gives rise to intriguing photos because the places visited give off a rather strange atmosphere, often a little post-apocalyptic. We remind you that this practice is dangerous and that these spots are prohibited, closed to visitors and therefore at your own risk, physically and legally. To avoid this process, we took a photo tour of the most famous corners of the region.

1. Joachim Kroll Mansion

The urbex fans who have visited this mansion prefer to keep the exact address secret, but thanks to them we can at least admire the mansion, which is still quite creepy we must admit.

2. The Old Country of Goussainville

In the Val d’Oise, this village is almost abandoned because the Roissy Charles-de-Gaules airport had been built right next to it and the inhabitants had been offered to buy back their houses for twice as much. Many accepted, but some stayed anyway. A lot of houses are abandoned and today there are especially a lot of exploration and photo enthusiasts.

3. The Little Belt

It is the best known abandoned place in the Île de France, and certainly the easiest to visit. La Petite Ceinture is the old railway line that circled the capital inside the Boulevards des Maréchaux. The whole thing is 32 km long, and it’s quite easy to find access. Once inside, you hardly hear the sounds of the city and some portions are magnificent. But be careful, just because it’s easy to get in doesn’t mean it’s safe: there are a lot of squatters and it’s forbidden to set foot there, like in the other spots on the list.

4. The Fort of Vaujours

Built at the end of the 19th century between Seine-et-Marne and Seine-Saint-Denis, the fort was intended to defend Paris. But in the middle of the 20th century, it became a commission for atomic energy research, where the detonator for the first French atomic bomb was developed. No need to specify (but we’ll do it anyway), the site is well monitored, a little polluted with radiation, so it’s very difficult and dangerous to get there.

5. The Mausoleum

It is an abandoned supermarket that is near Porte de la Villette in Paris. The spot is very large, in a not disgusting post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The interest is above all to go and admire all the works of art created by the street artists of the area.

6. Pavlovich Manor

We maintain the somewhat gloomy reputation of this house, which has been haunted for decades and whose owners have mysteriously died one after the other. Today no one lives there (one can understand), but those who have it in their pants continue to go there to take pictures. Inside, there are still pieces of furniture and the period atmosphere makes the atmosphere even more scary.

7. Aincourt Sanatorium

The sanatorium was a place of care for patients with tuberculosis, but it was also a concentration camp during the Second World War. So the atmosphere is a bit heavy, but the architecture is worth a look.

8. The Castle of Solitude

It is well placed in the Solitude wood of Plessis-Robinson. It was a college for single mothers, before becoming, without anyone really understanding why, this Urbex spot

9. Chateau Mesrine

Located in Seine-et-Marne, this pretty castle is even more in ruins from the inside than from the outside.

10. Domain of the 3 Columns – Angervilliers

Angervilliers is a village in Essonne where there is a magnificent abandoned manor house in a fallow park called the Domaine des 3 Colonnes. This parcel of 50 hectares of heritage has been disused for ten years now.

11. Earle Nelson Hospital

An abandoned hospital located this time in downtown Paris. Not completely abandoned however since some buildings are still occupied. Having become over time a meeting place for graffiti artists, the walls of the hospital appear as works in their own right.

12. Tillie Klimek Asylum

An abandoned place where nature has regained its rights, and not just any place since it is a former asylum! It’s creepy as hell, just what you love when you go to visit an abandoned place.

13. Villa Popova

This large abandoned house in the Yvelines department is one of the best-known spots for urbexers in the Ile-de-France region. Nicknamed by most “The Ambassador’s Villa”, its uninventive name derives from the fact that this villa was once occupied by an ambassador from an African country.

14. “La Plage” Aquatic Complex – Platais Island

Located in Île-de-France, in the city of Medan, lost in the middle of an island, this water park has been abandoned since 2003, it is called “La Plage”. Indeed, it was a bit like the Paris-Plage of the time or the Bassin de la Villette, if you prefer. Since then it’s nothing, just a large abandoned slide that will lead you into muddy water if you take it.

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